John Cassini

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Adrienne Barbeau The Memory Book
2013 Don McKellar Three Days in Havana
2013 Phyllida Law Three Days in Havana
2012 Kyra Sedgwick The Possession
2012 Nick Mancuso The Resurrection of Tony Gitone
2009 Val Kilmer The Traveler
2007 Joe Flaherty Robson Arms: Season 02
2007 Leslie Nielsen Robson Arms: Season 02
2006 Campbell Scott Final Days of Planet Earth
2006 Daryl Hannah Final Days of Planet Earth
2005 Gary Busey Chasing Ghosts
2005 Michael Madsen Chasing Ghosts
2005 Meat Loaf Chasing Ghosts
2005 Michael Rooker Chasing Ghosts
2005 Margot Kidder Robson Arms: Season 01
2005 Megan Follows Robson Arms: Season 01
2004 Sharon Stone Catwoman
2004 Benjamin Bratt Catwoman
2004 Halle Berry Catwoman
2004 James Duval Window Theory
2003 Eric Roberts Break a Leg
2003 Jennifer Beals Break a Leg
2003 Sandra Oh Break a Leg
2003 Molly Parker Break a Leg
2003 Joe Pantoliano The Handler [TV Series]
2003 Pruitt Taylor Vince The Handler [TV Series]
2003 Udo Kier Love Object
2003 Rip Torn Love Object
2000 Alan Cumming Get Carter
2000 Mickey Rourke Get Carter
2000 Sylvester Stallone Get Carter
2000 Miranda Richardson Get Carter
2000 John C. McGinley Get Carter
2000 Michael Caine Get Carter
1995 Red Buttons ER: A Miracle Happens Here
1995 Ron Eldard ER: A Miracle Happens Here
1995 Ron Rifkin ER: A Miracle Happens Here
1995 John C. McGinley Seven
1995 Brad Pitt Seven
1995 Gwyneth Paltrow Seven
1995 Richard Schiff Seven
1995 Richard Roundtree Seven
1995 R. Lee Ermey Seven
1995 Kevin Spacey Seven
1995 Morgan Freeman Seven
1994 Jake Busey Motorcycle Gang
1994 Carla Gugino Motorcycle Gang
1993 John Malkovich Alive
1993 Vincent Spano Alive
1993 Illeana Douglas Alive
1993 Ethan Hawke Alive
1993 Josh Lucas Alive
1993 William Sanderson Man's Best Friend
1993 Ally Sheedy Man's Best Friend
1993 Lance Henriksen Man's Best Friend
1993 Robert Costanzo Man's Best Friend
1992 Viveca Lindfors North of Pittsburgh
1991 Michael Ironside Cafe Romeo
1991 Joseph Campanella Cafe Romeo
1991 Fred Savage Christmas on Division Street
1991 Hume Cronyn Christmas on Division Street
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