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John Carter Synopsis
Civil War vet John Carter is transplanted to Mars, where he discovers a lush, wildly diverse planet whose main inhabitants are 12-foot tall green barbarians.
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John Carter... Original, Adventurous and Fun!

By Geek Soul Brother
Imagine INDIANA JONES, but in a rustic Sci-fi adventure. JOHN CARTER is mysteriously transported to Mars, where he meets strange people and creatures, fighting for control of the planet's limited...

Great Sci-Fi Classic

By NamFam99
Ignore all the ignorant critic reviews about this movie that complained about how everything seen has already been done before. Remember, instead, that everything we have seen before has only been...

John Carter or Princess of Mars

By permanentlyout
The movie was very well done with exceptional costumes. The explanation at the start of the movie was a must if you hadn't read the books. I wish they could have incorporated more of the story (how...

Worth seeing! Don't listen to the critics on this one.

By drewski79
John Carter was awesome! Highly recommend. Was what Star Wars Ep. 1 could/should have been. Great characters, action, romance, humor, effects. The ad campaign didn't do justice to what the movie is....

Wow!! Great Movie experience overall

By latnlvr8
Well first I want to mention that I sat in a huge theater with only about 20-25 people in it at the midnight showing. I never rate movies because i'm just a sci-fi fanatic and love movies overall....

John Carter

By Beckmeister
Now that I have seen this movie I am inspired to read the books. This is a fun movie and kept my interest because of the time period it. I didn't know that such stories were written back in 1910. ...

John Carter

By jimcain
I liked this film because it fills in so many blanks in the innumerable references to these works by Burroughs. Heinlein in particular refers to John Carter and Deja Thoris with Barsoom as a...

Don't give critics the time of day. GREAT MOVIE!

By Sith Lindy
Saw "John Carter" last night and really enjoyed it. I didn't see it on 3D, but didn't feel like I was missing out on anything. The critics can shut their mouths on this one. One of them picked on...

Old Book -New Exiting View

By sunnyforever
This original BOOK was published in 1917 by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Because of the writing style of that day and the attempt to modernize this movie, while staying true to the original writing style of...

Finally! John Carter of Mars!

By blkswrd
I read the stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs when I was a kid. Though the story line of the movie does not exactly follow the books, it was true to the spirit of the books (the White Martians don't come...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense Sequences of Violence and Intense Sequences of Action
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Mars-based action epic has strong fantasy violence.
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