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Wow! I Never believed it would be this GREAT!

By smith80
Written March 09, 2012
After watching all those stupid tv spots ( big white ape things) i wasnt interested in this movie what so ever, but after going to this movie that my friends draged me along. I feel in love with this movie. Im so Glad that my friends taken me to watched this in IMAX, instead of waiting till it came out on dvd. All of you will regreat passing this Movie up, MUST WATCH BIG TIME!
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Could Not Stop Smiling

By Maderick
Written March 09, 2012
I read Edgar Rice Burrough's Barsoom novels, so I came into the theater (on Thursday March 8th at midnight) with very high hopes and expecting a thrill ride. I was not disappointed. While the film is not completely flawless, I still enjoyed it to the lengths that the title of this little review suggests. A major complaint of the film that I have been hearing from many critics pre-release is that the plot is sometimes rather incoherent. I never had this issue, being that I read the novels. Even so, I never found it that difficult to follow, although I can see where some audience members may falter (particularly if they have an attention span of 20 seconds). But the film is an absolute blast that fulfilled essentially every fantasy from reading the books. Even if you haven't read the books, the film is a thrill ride that'll have you laughing, smiling, and learning. It makes you feel like a sci-fi (not science fiction, there is a difference) geek. And that feels fantastic and fun.
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Enjoyable Movie

By lbrande
Written March 11, 2012
I went to this movie with extremely high expectations, as I had read all the Barsoom series books over many years. This movie is based upon Edger Rice Burrows "A Princess of Mars". The way that they were able to get John Carter to Mars was very well thought out even though it was different from the book. Since it was a Disney movie, nudity was out, so some of the movie didn't match the book. There were some slow points at time, but they were necessary for the development of the characters. The acting was good, everyone matching their characters very well. The action scenes were well done. Since this was heavily rendered with CGI, you would expect some of the scenes or characters to be of poor quality, but the opposite is true. This is a good film for the entire family. I will see this movie many times.
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Can't wait to see it again!

By scrooge3
Written March 10, 2012
I was expecting a pretty good action movie, but I was blown away by how awesome John Carter is! They changed a lot from the book, but kept the basic characters and situations. The movie is more logical than the book, and the story doesn't jump around as much as the book. One of the best changes to the story was to make John Carter's girlfriend Dejah Thoris into a more important character. In the book she doesn't really do much. In the movie they made her a scientist and she also was almost as good as John Carter in fighting with a sword. There were a couple of funny scenes where she was able to protect him from enemies. I saw John Carter in IMAX 3D. The sound and music were excellent, but I don't think the 3D was worth the extra ticket price. John Carter is one of the best movies I've seen recently, and I can't wait to see it again!
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John Carter of Mars

By Darkola
Written March 09, 2012
The short plot of this movie without giving anything away is a guy from the 1880's gets in touch with an amulet type thing, and gets transported from Earth to Mars, falls for a princess on mars, and fights to protect her. The story itself was a mixed bag, a little bit of Indiana Jones, little bit of Prince of Persia, a little bit of Avatar. I seen this in Imax, and in 3D, that being said, the 3D was a great job, really enjoyed seeing it that way, and on a larger screen also an added bonus. There was plenty of action in this movie, the visuals were also done very well. The movie did have its own little love story, the typical hero and the princes type love story, and this is where the movie fell a little short. They didnt do enough to make you feel any type of emotion for the main characters, thats kinda how I felt when I seen the movie Prince of Persia. I'd give this 3 of 4 stars myself, only because it fell short in the character build up for me, otherwise it was well worth it.
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