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Geezer goes to the movies

By redthomas
Written March 10, 2012
I read the books in 1975 and have been watching movie technology evolve to the point where this movie could happen. For the first time in my life I'm going to a midnight first showing, I let you know if it was worth the wait. Several hours later I can assure everyone that the thirty-seven year wait for movie technology to catch up with my imiganation was worth it. Everyone and everything looked like it should. Although I thought a few spots drug, they needed to in order for the story to make sense. Although JCOM is not as visually sumptous as Avatar one must realize this is an epic about two races split into tribes/cities competing for dwindling resopurces. I believe ERB would buy a second ticket and watch it again tomorrow with me. People become critics because they can't create so they simply complain; which take no talent at all. Red
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Surprised and satisfied

By Jenzamayia
Written March 10, 2012
If you have read the books, you will be very satisfied the way they have played the characters straight parody. This is a grand adventure that wins you over bit by bit. The 3D makes this even more fun. Many movies use 3D today and suck, but this movie soars with it. See it in 3D for sure! This time the critic are wrong. This movie is way fun.
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Very Barsoomian

By blushing_crow
Written March 09, 2012
As a fan of the series, I was very happy with the way this film turned out. The tone of the movie mostly felt very in tune with the books. There were a lot of changes form the books, but almost all of them seemed to keep Edgar Rice Burroughs vision intact (I have one exception, but don't want to spoil it). The sets and cinematography felt very Barsoomian to me. I did feel like it could have been longer, I would have liked to see more of all of the characters. I was pleased with all of the acting, especially with Kantos Khan and Tars Tarkas. There was more humor than I expected, but it was only in a good way, and did not cheapen the action. The action scenes could have been extended some and more detail given, but I suppose that as a pg-13 Disney movie, they did not want to go there.
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John Carter enjoyable for all

By Collie1
Written March 10, 2012
So for its the first movies I found entertaining and fun. Few changes from the book but Edgar never saw the future of 3D movies what a director could do, poor Tarzan might be next, but I do hope they make another John Carter.
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By ausdougmac
Written March 09, 2012
went to midnight showing and Man it was good... I do get tired of the Love story in EVERY Disney movie but it wasn't a big distraction from the show.....
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