John Carroll Lynch
Date of Birth
Aug 01, 1963
Birth Place:
Boulder, CO

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Reese Witherspoon Untitled Female Buddy Action Comedy
2013 Danny Glover Highland Park
2013 Parker Posey Highland Park
2012 Vince Vaughn Lay the Favorite
2012 Bruce Willis Lay the Favorite
2012 Catherine Zeta-Jones Lay the Favorite
2012 Corbin Bernsen Lay the Favorite
2011 Dana Delany Body of Proof: Season 01
2011 Dana Delany Body of Proof: Season 02
2011 Kevin Bacon Crazy, Stupid, Love.
2011 Steve Carell Crazy, Stupid, Love.
2011 Ryan Gosling Crazy, Stupid, Love.
2011 Marisa Tomei Crazy, Stupid, Love.
2011 Julianne Moore Crazy, Stupid, Love.
2011 Jane Lynch Paul
2011 Sigourney Weaver Paul
2011 Jeffrey Tambor Paul
2011 Steven Spielberg Paul
2011 Blythe Danner Paul
2010 Natalie Portman Hesher
2010 Piper Laurie Hesher
2010 Max von Sydow Shutter Island
2010 Patricia Clarkson Shutter Island
2010 Mark Ruffalo Shutter Island
2010 Emily Mortimer Shutter Island
2010 Michelle Williams Shutter Island
2010 Elias Koteas Shutter Island
2010 Ted Levine Shutter Island
2010 Leonardo DiCaprio Shutter Island
2010 Ben Kingsley Shutter Island
2010 Juliette Lewis Sympathy for Delicious
2010 Laura Linney Sympathy for Delicious
2010 Mark Ruffalo Sympathy for Delicious
2010 Orlando Bloom Sympathy for Delicious
2009 Jennifer Aniston Love Happens
2009 Martin Sheen Love Happens
2009 Aaron Eckhart Love Happens
2008 Clint Eastwood Gran Torino
2007 Benicio Del Toro Things We Lost in the Fire
2007 Halle Berry Things We Lost in the Fire
2007 David Duchovny Things We Lost in the Fire
2007 Jake Gyllenhaal Zodiac
2007 Philip Baker Hall Zodiac
2007 James LeGros Zodiac
2007 Donal Logue Zodiac
2007 Charles Fleischer Zodiac
2007 Elias Koteas Zodiac
2007 Chloë Sevigny Zodiac
2007 Mark Ruffalo Zodiac
2007 Brian Cox Zodiac
2007 Anthony Edwards Zodiac
2007 Robert Downey, Jr. Zodiac
2007 Dermot Mulroney Zodiac
2005 Albert Brooks Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
2005 Penny Marshall Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
2005 Fred Dalton Thompson Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
2005 Gary Cole Mozart and the Whale
2005 Josh Hartnett Mozart and the Whale
2003 Elizabeth McGovern The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire [TV Series]
2003 Randy Quaid The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire [TV Series]
2003 Chris Penn The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire [TV Series]
2003 Mare Winningham The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire [TV Series]
2003 James LeGros Catch That Kid
2003 Jennifer Beals Catch That Kid
2003 Dorian Harewood Gothika
2003 Halle Berry Gothika
2003 Penélope Cruz Gothika
2003 Charles S. Dutton Gothika
2003 Robert Downey, Jr. Gothika
2002 Jane Adams Bug
2002 Ed Begley, Jr. Bug
2002 Brian Cox Bug
2002 John C. Reilly The Good Girl
2002 Mike White The Good Girl
2002 Tim Blake Nelson The Good Girl
2002 Jake Gyllenhaal The Good Girl
2002 Jennifer Aniston The Good Girl
2002 Helena Bonham Carter Live from Baghdad
2002 David Suchet Live from Baghdad
2002 Lili Taylor Live from Baghdad
2002 Michael Keaton Live from Baghdad
2001 Swoosie Kurtz Bubble Boy
2001 Jake Gyllenhaal Bubble Boy
1999 Paul Gleason The Drew Carey Show: Drew and the Gang Law
1999 Marion Ross The Drew Carey Show: Steve and Mimi Get Married
1999 Marion Ross The Drew Carey Show: What's Wrong with This Episode II
1999 Dean Stockwell The Drew Carey Show: Y2K, You're Okay
1999 Kathleen Quinlan Family Law [TV Series]
1999 Christopher McDonald Family Law [TV Series]
1999 John Heard Freak Weather
1999 Aida Turturro Freak Weather
1999 Kevin Tighe Star Trek: Voyager: 11:59
1999 Kate Mulgrew Star Trek: Voyager: 11:59
1999 Hank Azaria Tuesdays With Morrie
1999 Caroline Aaron Tuesdays With Morrie
1999 Jack Lemmon Tuesdays With Morrie
1998 Adrienne Barbeau The Drew Carey Show: Cain and Mabel
1998 Marion Ross The Drew Carey Show: The Bachelor Party
1998 Alec Baldwin Mercury Rising
1998 Kevin Conway Mercury Rising
1998 Bruce Willis Mercury Rising
1998 Peter Stormare Mercury Rising
1998 Adrien Brody Restaurant
1997 Margaret Cho Face/Off
1997 John Travolta Face/Off
1997 Gina Gershon Face/Off
1997 Harve Presnell Face/Off
1997 Joan Allen Face/Off
1997 CCH Pounder Face/Off
1997 Nicolas Cage Face/Off
1997 Jessica Lange A Thousand Acres
1997 Keith Carradine A Thousand Acres
1997 Kevin Anderson A Thousand Acres
1997 Michelle Williams A Thousand Acres
1997 Pat Hingle A Thousand Acres
1997 Michelle Pfeiffer A Thousand Acres
1997 Jason Robards, Jr. A Thousand Acres
1997 Jennifer Jason Leigh A Thousand Acres
1997 Colin Firth A Thousand Acres
1997 Don Cheadle Volcano
1997 Keith David Volcano
1997 Tommy Lee Jones Volcano
1997 Anne Heche Volcano
1996 William H. Macy Fargo
1996 Bruce Campbell Fargo
1996 Steve Buscemi Fargo
1996 Frances McDormand Fargo
1996 Peter Stormare Fargo
1996 Harve Presnell Fargo
1996 Shelley Long Frasier: The Show Where Diane Comes Back
1993 Daryl Hannah Grumpy Old Men
1993 Burgess Meredith Grumpy Old Men
1993 Jack Lemmon Grumpy Old Men
1993 Buck Henry Grumpy Old Men
1993 Ossie Davis Grumpy Old Men
1993 Walter Matthau Grumpy Old Men
1993 Ann-Margret Grumpy Old Men
1993 Kevin Pollak Grumpy Old Men
1993 Christopher McDonald Grumpy Old Men
1990 Christopher Eigeman Metropolitan
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