John Bromfield
Date of Birth
Jun 11, 1922
Birth Place:
South Bend, IN

Worked With

Year Name Title
1956 Joyce Jameson Crime Against Joe
1956 Frances Morris Crime Against Joe
1956 Julie London Crime Against Joe
1956 Beverly Garland Curucu, Beast of the Amazon
1956 Stanley Andrews Frontier Gambler
1956 Coleen Gray Frontier Gambler
1956 Kent Taylor Frontier Gambler
1956 Veda Ann Borg Frontier Gambler
1956 Joi Lansing Hot Cars
1956 Victor Jory Manfish
1956 Lon Chaney, Jr. Manfish
1956 Peter Mamakos Quincannon, Frontier Scout
1956 John Doucette Quincannon, Frontier Scout
1956 Eric Wilton Three Bad Sisters
1956 Madge Kennedy Three Bad Sisters
1955 Martha Vickers The Big Bluff
1955 Grandon Rhodes Revenge of the Creature
1955 Clint Eastwood Revenge of the Creature
1955 Dave Willock Revenge of the Creature
1954 Noah Beery, Jr. The Black Dakotas
1954 Wanda Hendrix The Black Dakotas
1954 Peter Whitney The Black Dakotas
1954 Richard Webb The Black Dakotas
1954 Clayton Moore The Black Dakotas
1954 Robert Simon The Black Dakotas
1954 Jay Silverheels The Black Dakotas
1954 Gary Merrill The Black Dakotas
1954 Kenneth Tobey Ring of Fear
1954 Pat O'Brien Ring of Fear
1953 Cyd Charisse Easy to Love
1953 Van Johnson Easy to Love
1953 David Newell Easy to Love
1953 Esther Williams Easy to Love
1953 Benny Rubin Easy to Love
1953 Carroll Baker Easy to Love
1952 Keith Larsen Flat Top
1952 Sterling Hayden Flat Top
1952 Richard Carlson Flat Top
1952 Dave Willock Flat Top
1952 William Schallert Flat Top
1952 Phyllis Coates Flat Top
1952 George Sanders Hold That Line
1952 Gil Stratton Hold That Line
1952 Huntz Hall Hold That Line
1952 Veda Ann Borg Hold That Line
1952 Leo Gorcey Hold That Line
1951 Frank Silvera The Cimarron Kid
1951 Audie Murphy The Cimarron Kid
1951 Roy Roberts The Cimarron Kid
1951 Hugh O'Brian The Cimarron Kid
1951 Leif Erickson The Cimarron Kid
1951 Noah Beery, Jr. The Cimarron Kid
1951 William Reynolds The Cimarron Kid
1951 John Hubbard The Cimarron Kid
1951 James Best The Cimarron Kid
1950 Beulah Bondi The Furies
1950 Walter Huston The Furies
1950 Arthur Hunnicutt The Furies
1950 Judith Anderson The Furies
1950 Albert Dekker The Furies
1950 Wendell Corey The Furies
1950 Joe Dominguez The Furies
1950 Thomas Gomez The Furies
1950 Barbara Stanwyck The Furies
1950 Blanche Yurka The Furies
1950 Gilbert Roland The Furies
1950 Wallace Ford The Furies
1950 Nolan Leary The Furies
1950 Gig Young Paid in Full
1950 Stanley Ridges Paid in Full
1950 Ray Collins Paid in Full
1950 Lizabeth Scott Paid in Full
1950 Frank McHugh Paid in Full
1950 Dewey Robinson Paid in Full
1950 Diana Lynn Paid in Full
1950 Robert Cummings Paid in Full
1950 Carol Channing Paid in Full
1950 Eve Arden Paid in Full
1949 Mike Mazurki Rope of Sand
1949 Corinne Calvet Rope of Sand
1949 Hayden Rorke Rope of Sand
1949 Georges Renavent Rope of Sand
1949 Claude Rains Rope of Sand
1949 Paul Henreid Rope of Sand
1949 David Thursby Rope of Sand
1949 Sam Jaffe Rope of Sand
1949 Burt Lancaster Rope of Sand
1949 Peter Lorre Rope of Sand
1948 Frank S. Hagney Harpoon
1948 Lee Roberts Harpoon
1948 Leif Erickson Sorry, Wrong Number
1948 William Conrad Sorry, Wrong Number
1948 Burt Lancaster Sorry, Wrong Number
1948 Barbara Stanwyck Sorry, Wrong Number
1948 Ed Begley, Sr. Sorry, Wrong Number
1948 Wendell Corey Sorry, Wrong Number
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