Joe Tornatore

Worked With

Year Name Title
1986 Mamie van Doren Free Ride
1986 Warren Berlinger Free Ride
1984 Parley Baer Chattanooga Choo Choo
1984 George Kennedy Chattanooga Choo Choo
1984 Christopher McDonald Chattanooga Choo Choo
1984 Melissa Sue Anderson Chattanooga Choo Choo
1979 Rick Schroder The Champ
1979 Strother Martin The Champ
1979 Ken Wahl The Champ
1979 Jon Voight The Champ
1979 Jack Warden The Champ
1979 Joan Blondell The Champ
1979 Arthur Hill The Champ
1979 Faye Dunaway The Champ
1979 Dana Elcar The Champ
1979 Elisha Cook, Jr. The Champ
1979 Bill Baldwin The Champ
1978 Victor Jory The Rockford Files: The Attractive Nuisance
1976 Gary Busey The Gumball Rally
1976 Michael Sarrazin The Gumball Rally
1976 J. Pat O'Malley The Gumball Rally
1976 Raul Julia The Gumball Rally
1976 Ann Doran The Gumball Rally
1976 Anne Archer Trackdown
1976 Ray Sharkey Trackdown
1975 Jack Nicholson The Fortune
1975 Christopher Guest The Fortune
1975 Stockard Channing The Fortune
1975 Scatman Crothers The Fortune
1975 John Fiedler The Fortune
1975 Dub Taylor The Fortune
1975 Richard B. Shull The Fortune
1975 Warren Beatty The Fortune
1975 Ian Wolfe The Fortune
1974 William Smith Black Samson
1974 John Wayne McQ
1974 Chuck Roberson McQ
1974 Roger E. Mosley McQ
1974 Al Lettieri McQ
1974 Colleen Dewhurst McQ
1974 Eddie Albert McQ
1974 Julie Adams McQ
1973 Esther Rolle Cleopatra Jones
1973 Shelley Winters Cleopatra Jones
1973 Bernie Casey Cleopatra Jones
1973 Paul Koslo Cleopatra Jones
1973 Alex Cord The F.B.I.: Night of the Long Knives
1973 Frank de Kova The F.B.I.: Night of the Long Knives
1973 Dana Elcar The Sting
1973 Sally Kirkland The Sting
1973 William Benedict The Sting
1973 Ray Walston The Sting
1973 Harold Gould The Sting
1973 Robert Redford The Sting
1973 Charles Durning The Sting
1973 James J. Sloyan The Sting
1973 Eileen Brennan The Sting
1973 Paul Newman The Sting
1973 Robert Shaw The Sting
1973 William Smith Sweet Jesus, Preacher Man
1973 Roger E. Mosley Sweet Jesus, Preacher Man
1973 Michael Pataki Sweet Jesus, Preacher Man
1972 Allen Garfield Top of the Heap
1970 Royal Dano Machismo - 40 Graves for 40 Guns
1970 Bruce Gordon Machismo - 40 Graves for 40 Guns
1969 Richard Webb The Gay Deceivers
1969 Jack Starrett The Gay Deceivers
1969 Brooke Bundy The Gay Deceivers
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