By Dane_Youssef
Written February 02, 2010
by Dane Youssef Frank Whaley's "Joe The King" has been called by the filmmaker himself "semi-autobiographical." And such a story about so much pain & misery just makes to almost want to see it just to see how the guy got where he is today. It 's so damn downbeat, you have to ask yourself, "How does all this turn out? This poor little guy... Is there a happy ending?" "Joe The King" is chock-full of trite and truths to life--the lead that seems to be born into the hard-luck life, the abusive, alcoholic father, the weak-willed spiritless mother who doesn't care if her husband pounds on her kids as long as he doesn't pound on her, the guidance counselor who's all thumbs--aren't they all? "Joe The King" is kind of an acquired taste, like many coming-of-age stories. It's more of a like many coming-of-age stories. It's more of a confessional than anything else. If you've lived a life somewhat like this, or in this part of the world or in this environment remotely, you'll understand.
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