Joe Guzaldo

Worked With

Year Name Title
2004 Dan Aykroyd Christmas With the Kranks
2004 M. Emmet Walsh Christmas With the Kranks
2004 Tim Allen Christmas With the Kranks
2004 Cheech Marin Christmas With the Kranks
2004 Jamie Lee Curtis Christmas With the Kranks
2004 Jake Busey Christmas With the Kranks
2004 Tom Poston Christmas With the Kranks
2004 Felicity Huffman Christmas With the Kranks
1997 Laurence Fishburne Hoodlum
1997 Queen Latifah Hoodlum
1997 William Atherton Hoodlum
1997 Paul Benjamin Hoodlum
1997 Tim Roth Hoodlum
1997 Cicely Tyson Hoodlum
1997 Andy Garcia Hoodlum
1997 Vanessa Williams Hoodlum
1997 Clarence Williams III Hoodlum
1996 Sean Young Evil Has a Face
1993 Julianne Moore The Fugitive
1993 Jane Lynch The Fugitive
1993 Jeroen Krabbé The Fugitive
1993 Tommy Lee Jones The Fugitive
1993 Harrison Ford The Fugitive
1993 Sela Ward The Fugitive
1993 Andy Romano The Fugitive
1993 Joe Pantoliano The Fugitive
1993 Sally Kirkland The Woman Who Loved Elvis
1993 Tom Arnold The Woman Who Loved Elvis
1992 Stanley Tucci The Public Eye
1992 Richard Schiff The Public Eye
1992 Bob Gunton The Public Eye
1992 Joe Pesci The Public Eye
1992 Barbara Hershey The Public Eye
1992 Jared Harris The Public Eye
1992 Dominic Chianese The Public Eye
1991 Patricia Arquette Dillinger
1991 Lawrence Tierney Dillinger
1991 Mark Harmon Dillinger
1991 Sherilyn Fenn Dillinger
1991 Will Patton Dillinger
1991 Vince Edwards Dillinger
1991 Alec Baldwin The Marrying Man
1991 Elisabeth Shue The Marrying Man
1991 Kim Basinger The Marrying Man
1991 Fisher Stevens The Marrying Man
1991 Robert Loggia The Marrying Man
1991 Armand Assante The Marrying Man
1991 Paul Reiser The Marrying Man
1991 Stuart Whitman Smooth Talker
1991 Sidney Lassick Smooth Talker
1989 Lukas Haas Music Box
1989 Michael Rooker Music Box
1989 Frederic Forrest Music Box
1989 Jessica Lange Music Box
1989 Armin Mueller-Stahl Music Box
1989 Tom Mason Music Box
1989 Donald Moffat Music Box
1989 Jack Gold The Package
1989 Gene Hackman The Package
1989 Joanna Cassidy The Package
1989 Tommy Lee Jones The Package
1989 John Heard The Package
1989 Pam Grier The Package
1989 Dennis Franz The Package
1988 Ron O'Neal Hero and the Terror
1988 Chuck Norris Hero and the Terror
1985 Dennis Farina Code of Silence
1985 John Mahoney Code of Silence
1985 Henry Silva Code of Silence
1985 Chuck Norris Code of Silence
1985 Bert Remsen Code of Silence
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