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David Gordon Green's Joe stars Nicolas Cage as the title character, the foreman of a work crew hired to poison trees before they are cleared from land owned by people who plan to develop it. One day, 15-year-old Gary (Tye Sheridan) arrives at the...
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By joetamez
Tough calls by Joe but necessary to protect those he loved. Ending was fuzzy- not sure if he lived and now the boy is driving his new truck? Why is the boy with Joe's dog? Boy applied for a new job...

I Didnt Get the Point of th Film

By mgulley71
Nicolas Cage movies are always a gamble and Joe was no exception. How the book got to a screenplay and then was green-lighted is beyond me....


By sstar4353
Just started watching "Joe" the newest Nicholas Cage movie at home ON DEMAND. I am a fan of Nicholas Cage and don't believe I've viewed a movie of his that I did not like. Until now. Don't waste your...


By pashley54
Nicolas Cage did a great job. Movie was a little gruesome & bloody.Not sure if I would recommend....

By andrewwerner1
felt like movie transported me to different place and time...


By rickerdkathrine
Nicholas Cage was fantastic in this film that showed life in poor small towns....

Great movie. Kinda brilliant.

By Nax_
Love the comparison of this boy's life to the life cycle of the weak trees. We are all born with genetically bad characteristics and they are god for nothin. i.e. Addiction, Anger, obsession, etc. ...

Worst film of the year

By eabousabe
Worst movie ever. No point at all, barely a plot, complete waste of 2 hours...

Porn, dog fighting, murder, loser parents, prostitutes

By leahandhelms
I just do not understand the prostitutes in this the illicit scenes near the end were pointless. I like Nick's acting, though!...

I was bored

By Eldaberry8
I'm not a big fan of Nicholas Cage anyway. So I might be biased. But I felt like the story was dragging and not leading anywhere. The young boy acted well and the drunk father too but Nicholas...

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Common Sense Media says Indie drama is well made but extremely grim and brutal.
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