Jodha Akbar- "A Good watch"- By Lakshmi

By lak1023
Written February 21, 2008
A good movie. Worth spending 3 plus hrs in a box. Good music , some good photography, locations and appealing performance from Aishwariya & Hrithik. Very majestic & elegant interlude depiction between them. Over the years Aishwarya has really matured in her performance. She is indeed a pleasure to watch. It is very difficult for a woman to demand & earn this level of respect & elevation , please do not loose it Aishwarya. Hrithik will have to improve a bit on his dialogue delivery( Intonation ,modulation) Liked the decorum & visuals like Akbar's palace settings, coudint see the same class across the movie . The war scenes were not upto the mark should take some lessons from patriot , 300 like movies.They could have really made this movies a pleasure to watch. This is typical of Indian thought we cant think big enough , we tent to loose it. Anyway may be next time. Now the plot. The historic appropriateness ,well can't comment .Watch it ,Worth it
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salman khan (real) not joking

By bhadreshpa
Written February 28, 2008
hay this is salman khan hay guys how are ua ll my movie is comming next but this movies was okay not that much good but u all gonna like my movie it's comming on next month love u all bye take care salman khan & katrina kaff (gf
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Jodha Akbar

By shivnir77
Written March 17, 2008
Those of you who really interested in History will like this Movie otherwise don't even bother watching it.
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Jodha Akbar

By harish dand
Written March 16, 2008
Great direction, acting, everything...
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A Cinematographic Triumph!

By Usha L Paradise
Written March 07, 2008
Yes, it's very long, but that may be one of the only "faults". Artistically filmed, the images linger long after the movie is over. The costumes and sets are absolutely gorgeous. Ash and Hrithik were perfect. All of the actors were believable, with just the right amount of intensity and no over-acting. The story has the right amount of intrigue and deception, and you can really feel the characters struggling to balance duty and desire, while maintaining their integrity. The opening sequence is quite long, and the battle scenes a little too graphic, but I think it adds to the message of the movie - that there is a way other than war. If only we could all learn to let our religious differences make us stronger when we're together the way Jodha and Jalal do, with tolerance and respect. Not just a pretty film, it has a soul and a message. It's an epic. I can't wait for the DVD to come out ...
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