Jo de Winter

Worked With

Year Name Title
1995 Connie Sellecca A Dangerous Affair
1995 Christopher Meloni A Dangerous Affair
1995 Rosalind Cash A Dangerous Affair
1995 Gregory Harrison A Dangerous Affair
1994 Lily Tomlin Frasier: The Unkindest Cut of All
1994 Anne Archer There Goes My Baby
1994 Janet MacLachlan There Goes My Baby
1994 Dermot Mulroney There Goes My Baby
1994 Seymour Cassel There Goes My Baby
1994 Andrew Robinson There Goes My Baby
1994 Rick Schroder There Goes My Baby
1994 Paul Gleason There Goes My Baby
1990 Brenda Vaccaro Murder, She Wrote: The Fixer-Upper
1990 George Maharis Murder, She Wrote: The Fixer-Upper
1989 Robert Costanzo Little White Lies
1989 Clint Howard Little White Lies
1989 Tim Matheson Little White Lies
1989 Alvy Moore Little White Lies
1988 Sam Wright Bird
1988 Diane Venora Bird
1988 Forest Whitaker Bird
1988 Keith David Bird
1988 Jason Bernard Bird
1988 Hamilton Camp Bird
1987 Heather Graham Growing Pains: Michaelgate
1985 Jason Patric Toughlove
1985 Lee Remick Toughlove
1985 Janet MacLachlan Toughlove
1985 Bruce Dern Toughlove
1985 Dana Elcar Toughlove
1985 Piper Laurie Toughlove
1984 Ice-T Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
1982 Burgess Meredith Gloria [TV Series]
1979 Peter Mark Richman Blind Ambition
1979 Lawrence Pressman Blind Ambition
1979 Rosemary de Camp Blind Ambition
1979 Michael Callan Blind Ambition
1979 Anne Ramsey Blind Ambition
1979 Gerald O'Loughlin Blind Ambition
1979 Alan Oppenheimer Blind Ambition
1979 Logan Ramsey Blind Ambition
1979 Ed Flanders Blind Ambition
1979 Lorne Greene Blind Ambition
1979 William Windom Blind Ambition
1979 Christopher Guest Blind Ambition
1979 Martin Sheen Blind Ambition
1979 William Daniels Blind Ambition
1979 Theresa Russell Blind Ambition
1979 Rip Torn Blind Ambition
1979 Graham Jarvis Blind Ambition
1979 William Schallert Blind Ambition
1979 James J. Sloyan Blind Ambition
1972 Jack Klugman Poor Devil
1972 Adam West Poor Devil
1972 Sammy Davis Jr. Poor Devil
1972 Christopher Lee Poor Devil
1972 Madlyn Rhue Poor Devil
1971 Harry Guardino Dirty Harry
1971 John Mitchum Dirty Harry
1971 Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry
1971 John Vernon Dirty Harry
1971 Kristoffer Tabori Dirty Harry
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