Where's the Rest of the Movie?

By MedRed
Written January 19, 2017
The critics were overly harsh on this movie. Jobs is totally watchable and enjoyable. Ashton Kutcher nails the look and mannerisms of Steve Jobs all the way down to his awkward gait. Jobs doesn't sugar coat Steve's life. He is portrayed as both brilliant and crazy. Jobs is good, but not great. Why? The screenwriting. Steve Jobs had such an interesting life from beginning to end. The movie lops off the first 20 years and the last 20 years of his life. Jobs should have been been the complete, epic tale of Steve Jobs. Jobs presents elements of Steve's life as brief references. I'd highly recommend reading his biography or at the very least his Wikipedia page. Otherwise, you may not enjoy the movie as much. It's a shame Jobs feels truncated and rushed. It's definitely worth watching, but I have a feeling Steve would not have been happy with it. There's nothing after or during the credits. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Jobs movie

By Renno
Written March 29, 2017
The movie was very good it is so sad that Steve Jobs could not work at Apple for 9 years. Just imagine what he could have done during those lost years for the world, a great loss for all.
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New Jobs Movie - Sorry

By director839
Written April 27, 2017
...I did not like it. Surprisingly I LOVED IT! YES, there are a large number of simply WRONG facts/Errors, BUT overall, for those who were not there it is actually an interesting glimpse into those events. One recommendation is get up on the facts/Errors, then see the film, overlook them, and it all - somehow is OK. So shame on the script/production folks, not running the re-writes relating to facts by the folks who knew the facts, but great job otherwise in filming and acting. Kushner is simply amazing in his capturing Steven P Jobs. So many of the principal actors were actually recognizable, and so very like the folks they were portraying. I'm sure a lot more will be said - about tech errors like 128K vs 512K scene and Woz's insanely backward lines - Woz was, and is, so very much more than the film shows. But the film, regardless, is worth a viewing, for sure. Was pleasantly surprised with so much of Daniel Kottke - that was great. But little of Randy Wiggington?
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A Little to Disappoint Everyone

By danielvlee
Written February 26, 2017
As a fan of Steve Jobs, I tended to enjoy watching this film; however, the story is not very well developed, skipping over vast portions of Steve Jobs' life, so the average movie goer will likely find the film less enjoyable. As a Jobs fan, again, there were some parts of his life, his career, and the people around him I'd have like to see more. There was barely a mention of Bill Gates, Andy Hertzfeld was way too minor a character, and Jobs mentors went unmentioned, as did his early childhood. The 11 years at NeXT were covered in about 3 seconds, and Pixar went unmentioned. The movie ended in 1997, before most of his greatest successes. So, actually, the movie tries to offer enough for Jobs fans, and the average movie goer, but ends up completely satisfying neither. It tended to go a bit long without plot development, dramatic crescendo or any story movement whatsoever. The theater had the feel of a bunch of people itching for it to be over.
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By fishersfive
Written August 27, 2016
What a disappointment. There was great potential for this movie and it missed the mark. Steve Jobs was a passionate visionary, unafraid to express anger and high expectations of his employees. The movie lacked the impact of the true emotion of Steve Jobs in the real world. Ashton Kutcher did a good job and the entire movie was well cast but the script was boring. Too much time was spent on the early days of Jobs and the creation of Apple in the family garage. The biggest disappointment was the story ending at the introduction of the iPod and the complete omission of any of the current products. Much of the audience would relate to the introduction of the iPhone and iPad and I think it was a mistake to leave so much out. I also think the movie could have been improved by updating the audience on the whereabouts of the original Apple staff. Overall, I give the movie a solid "C".
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