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JOBS details the major moments and defining characters that influenced Steve Jobs through 2001.
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Where's the Rest of the Movie?

By MedRed
The critics were overly harsh on this movie. Jobs is totally watchable and enjoyable. Ashton Kutcher nails the look and mannerisms of Steve Jobs all the way down to his awkward gait. Jobs doesn't...

Jobs movie

By Renno
The movie was very good it is so sad that Steve Jobs could not work at Apple for 9 years. Just imagine what he could have done during those lost years for the world, a great loss for all....

New Jobs Movie - Sorry

By director839
...I did not like it. Surprisingly I LOVED IT! YES, there are a large number of simply WRONG facts/Errors, BUT overall, for those who were not there it is actually an interesting glimpse into...

A Little to Disappoint Everyone

By danielvlee
As a fan of Steve Jobs, I tended to enjoy watching this film; however, the story is not very well developed, skipping over vast portions of Steve Jobs' life, so the average movie goer will likely...


By fishersfive
What a disappointment. There was great potential for this movie and it missed the mark. Steve Jobs was a passionate visionary, unafraid to express anger and high expectations of his employees. The...

Somewhere in between so-so and go

By MereMovieGoer
It is hard to watch someone so brilliant be so terrible in other parts of his life. I am not a huge ashton fan but he did a great job. Not a wonderful movie...not a terrible movie...just eh. ...

Not the best movie about Steve Jobs.

By bvaldez562
If you are an apple enthusiast and follow up on Steve Jobs uprising, this film does disappoint. With the many documentary films created about Steve Jobs, this specific one forgets to include a lot of...


By msgpag
Anyone that remembers the early years of Apple will love this movie. It tied many events together for me and provides some great insight to what was going on in the early years. I thought Ashton...


By lnna_yram
I loved this movie. It was fascinating to watch how the technology we take for granted and use everyday was invented. Ashton Kutcher becomes Steve Jobs. He walked like him and talked like him, but...

Eventful life in 2 hours?

By fandango885
I really do understand that the commercial movies are somewhat constrained by the film's running time - but.... eventful life lie Jobs' would not be shown in two hours especially his dark side is the...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Drug Content and Brief Strong Language
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Common Sense Media says Biopic is more about Apple than Jobs' life; some drug use.
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