Joaquin Martinez

Worked With

Year Name Title
2002 Michael Madsen Die Another Day
2002 John Cleese Die Another Day
2002 Judi Dench Die Another Day
2002 Halle Berry Die Another Day
2002 Pierce Brosnan Die Another Day
1994 Marg Helgenberger The Cowboy Way
1994 Woody Harrelson The Cowboy Way
1994 Allison Janney The Cowboy Way
1994 Ernie Hudson The Cowboy Way
1994 Luis Guzman The Cowboy Way
1994 Christopher Durang The Cowboy Way
1994 Dylan McDermott The Cowboy Way
1994 Kiefer Sutherland The Cowboy Way
1993 Winona Ryder The House of the Spirits
1993 Vanessa Redgrave The House of the Spirits
1993 Vincent Gallo The House of the Spirits
1993 Meryl Streep The House of the Spirits
1993 Armin Mueller-Stahl The House of the Spirits
1993 Glenn Close The House of the Spirits
1993 Jeremy Irons The House of the Spirits
1993 Maria Conchita Alonso The House of the Spirits
1993 Antonio Banderas The House of the Spirits
1992 Esther Rolle House of Cards
1992 Tommy Lee Jones House of Cards
1992 Mali Finn House of Cards
1992 Kathleen Turner House of Cards
1990 Kevin Costner Revenge
1990 Madeleine Stowe Revenge
1990 Anthony Quinn Revenge
1990 Sally Kirkland Revenge
1990 John Leguizamo Revenge
1990 Miguel Ferrer Revenge
1986 Mel Ferrer Dream West
1986 F. Murray Abraham Dream West
1986 Jeff East Dream West
1986 Rene Enriquez Dream West
1986 Claude Akins Dream West
1986 Jonathan Frakes Dream West
1986 Alice Krige Dream West
1986 Bill Campbell Dream West
1986 Richard Chamberlain Dream West
1986 Fritz Weaver Dream West
1986 Noble Willingham Dream West
1986 Rip Torn Dream West
1986 Buck Taylor Dream West
1986 Anthony Zerbe Dream West
1986 Cameron Mitchell Dream West
1986 James Cromwell Dream West
1986 Jerry Orbach Dream West
1986 Ben Johnson Dream West
1984 Kris Kristofferson Flashpoint
1984 Treat Williams Flashpoint
1984 Jean Smart Flashpoint
1984 Kevin Conway Flashpoint
1984 Kurtwood Smith Flashpoint
1984 Rip Torn Flashpoint
1984 Tess Harper Flashpoint
1984 Miguel Ferrer Flashpoint
1984 Roberts Blossom Flashpoint
1984 Paul Reubens Meatballs Part II
1984 Hamilton Camp Meatballs Part II
1984 John Larroquette Meatballs Part II
1984 Jack Nance Meatballs Part II
1984 Richard Mulligan Meatballs Part II
1981 Rene Enriquez Quincy, M.E.: By Their Faith
1978 Anthony Zerbe Centennial
1978 Richard Crenna Centennial
1978 Gale Sondergaard Centennial
1978 Stephanie Zimbalist Centennial
1978 Carl Franklin Centennial
1978 Robert Vaughn Centennial
1978 David Janssen Centennial
1978 Marshall Thompson Centennial
1978 Dennis Weaver Centennial
1978 James J. Sloyan Centennial
1978 Greg Mullavey Centennial
1978 Lois Nettleton Centennial
1978 Doug McKeon Centennial
1978 Stephen McHattie Centennial
1978 Alan Napier Centennial
1978 Lynn Redgrave Centennial
1978 Donald Pleasence Centennial
1978 Jorge Rivero Centennial
1978 Clive Revill Centennial
1978 Richard Jaeckel Centennial
1978 Richard Chamberlain Centennial
1978 Raymond Burr Centennial
1978 William Atherton Centennial
1978 Michael Ansara Centennial
1978 Robert Douglas Centennial
1978 Robert Easton Centennial
1978 Rene Enriquez Centennial
1978 Robert DoQui Centennial
1978 Timothy Dalton Centennial
1978 James Best Centennial
1978 Brian Keith Centennial
1978 A. Martinez Centennial
1978 Gregory Harrison Centennial
1978 Sally Kellerman Centennial
1978 Geoffrey Lewis Centennial
1978 Mark Harmon Centennial
1978 Andy Griffith Centennial
1978 Dana Elcar Centennial
1978 Sharon Gless Centennial
1977 James Gregory Quincy, M.E.: Death Casts a Vote
1977 Robert Simon Quincy, M.E.: Death Casts a Vote
1975 Keenan Wynn He Is My Brother
1975 Benson Fong He Is My Brother
1973 Ed Lauter Executive Action
1973 Robert Ryan Executive Action
1973 Dick Miller Executive Action
1973 Burt Lancaster Executive Action
1973 Cameron Mitchell Ironside: The Helping Hand
1972 George Peppard The Bravos
1972 Dana Elcar The Bravos
1972 Vincent Van Patten The Bravos
1972 Bo Svenson The Bravos
1972 Joyce Van Patten The Bravos
1972 Allyn Ann McLerie Jeremiah Johnson
1972 Paul Benedict Jeremiah Johnson
1972 Charles Tyner Jeremiah Johnson
1972 Robert Redford Jeremiah Johnson
1972 Clint Eastwood Joe Kidd
1972 Dick Van Patten Joe Kidd
1972 Paul Koslo Joe Kidd
1972 Robert Duvall Joe Kidd
1972 Karl Swenson Ulzana's Raid
1972 Richard Jaeckel Ulzana's Raid
1972 Lloyd Bochner Ulzana's Raid
1972 Nick Cravat Ulzana's Raid
1972 Bruce Davison Ulzana's Raid
1972 Richard Farnsworth Ulzana's Raid
1972 Burt Lancaster Ulzana's Raid
1972 Otto Reichow Ulzana's Raid
1972 Dick Miller Ulzana's Raid
1971 Michael Landon Bonanza: The Rattlesnake Brigade
1971 Lorne Greene Bonanza: The Rattlesnake Brigade
1971 Neville Brand Bonanza: The Rattlesnake Brigade
1970 Charles Napier Moonfire
1970 Richard Egan Moonfire
1969 Broderick Crawford Ironside: In Search of an Artist
1969 Leonard Nimoy Mission: Impossible: The Code
1969 Michael Constantine Mission: Impossible: The Code
1969 Harold Gould Mission: Impossible: The Code
1969 Peter Graves Mission: Impossible: The Code
1969 A. Martinez Mission: Impossible: The Code
1968 Lorne Greene Bonanza: The Sound of Drums
1968 Michael Landon Bonanza: The Sound of Drums
1968 Jack Kruschen Bonanza: The Sound of Drums
1968 Frank Silvera The Stalking Moon
1968 Charles Tyner The Stalking Moon
1968 Robert Forster The Stalking Moon
1968 Boyd "Red" Morgan The Stalking Moon
1968 Henry Beckman The Stalking Moon
1968 Eva Marie Saint The Stalking Moon
1968 Gregory Peck The Stalking Moon
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