A great story about Joan and her life. She is a fighter.

By buffetfan1102
Written July 06, 2010
If you love Joan you will love the movie. It deals with the true and real Joan and how she fights to stay alive in todays entertainment world. Go Joan.
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Documentary of a funny lady with a great drive.

By shelleyarts
Written August 01, 2015
If you are a Joan Rivers fan like I am you will love this movie. If you are not a fan you will be disappointed. Her life was not always easy but she is a survivor and it was interesting to see her life struggles. There are very few very successful female comedians and seeing this documentary makes you know how her special gifts and talents for writing and landing on her feet get her through it all. She is not going to sit back and throw in the towel ever. She is a piece of work in progress and an inspiration to all of us. I think she will be doing this into her 100's and maybe even longer.
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Joan Rivers

By hbruce257
Written July 01, 2010
Enjoyable Entertainment
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I loved it

By partav
Written July 19, 2010
a very candid look at the life and times of Joan. Part funny, part tragic, part sad
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The true reality of being a "star"

By babydoctoral
Written July 26, 2010
A Piece of Work represents an unfiltered view of a life in show business that, while glamorous, is also constantly difficult and demanding. Joan Rivers is to be commended about showing us the reality of what she has gone through and continues to experience in order to maintain her stature in the world of comedy. Unlike what often passes for reality these days on TV, this documentary provides a true glimpse into a world that not many of us ever get to see. This movie was one of the more fascinating and honest documentaries that I have seen in recent memory.
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