Joan Rice
Date of Birth
Feb 03, 1930
Birth Place:
Derby, England

Worked With

Year Name Title
1970 Dennis Price The Horror of Frankenstein
1962 Kenneth Griffith Payroll
1962 Glyn Houston Payroll
1962 Tom Bell Payroll
1962 Billie Whitelaw Payroll
1962 Michael Craig Payroll
1959 Ronald Shiner Operation Bullshine
1959 Daniel Massey Operation Bullshine
1959 Marianne Stone Operation Bullshine
1959 Naunton Wayne Operation Bullshine
1959 John Welsh Operation Bullshine
1956 Thora Hird Blonde Bait
1956 Gordon Jackson Blonde Bait
1955 Norman Wisdom One Good Turn
1955 Thora Hird One Good Turn
1955 Christopher Lee Police Dog
1955 Ian Fleming Police Dog
1955 John Le Mesurier Police Dog
1954 John Gregson The Crowded Day
1954 Rachel Roberts The Crowded Day
1954 Arthur Hill The Crowded Day
1954 Thora Hird The Crowded Day
1954 Richard Wattis The Crowded Day
1954 Marianne Stone The Crowded Day
1954 Kynaston Reeves The Crowded Day
1954 Freda Jackson The Crowded Day
1953 Theodore Bikel A Day to Remember
1953 James Hayter A Day to Remember
1953 Marianne Stone A Day to Remember
1953 Brenda de Banzie A Day to Remember
1953 George Coulouris A Day to Remember
1953 Stanley Holloway A Day to Remember
1953 Arthur Hill A Day to Remember
1953 Thora Hird A Day to Remember
1953 Burt Lancaster His Majesty O'Keefe
1953 Benson Fong His Majesty O'Keefe
1953 Charles Horvath His Majesty O'Keefe
1953 Andre Morell His Majesty O'Keefe
1953 Colin Tapley The Steel Key
1953 Esmond Knight The Steel Key
1953 Sam Kydd The Steel Key
1952 Robert Morley Curtain Up
1952 Kay Kendall Curtain Up
1952 Margaret Rutherford Curtain Up
1952 Michael Medwin Curtain Up
1952 Glyn Houston The Gift Horse
1952 James Donald The Gift Horse
1952 Trevor Howard The Gift Horse
1952 Richard Attenborough The Gift Horse
1952 Charles Lloyd Pack The Gift Horse
1952 Sonny Tufts The Gift Horse
1952 Bernard Lee The Gift Horse
1952 Michael Hordern The Story of Robin Hood
1952 James Robertson Justice The Story of Robin Hood
1952 Martita Hunt The Story of Robin Hood
1952 Richard Todd The Story of Robin Hood
1952 Bill Travers The Story of Robin Hood
1952 James Hayter The Story of Robin Hood
1952 Peter Finch The Story of Robin Hood
1951 Robert Flemyng Blackmailed
1951 Dirk Bogarde Blackmailed
1951 Marianne Stone Blackmailed
1951 Bruce Seton Blackmailed
1951 Michael Gough Blackmailed
1951 Wilfrid Hyde-White Blackmailed
1951 James Robertson Justice Blackmailed
1951 Mai Zetterling Blackmailed
1951 Audrey Hepburn One Wild Oat
1951 Stanley Holloway One Wild Oat
1951 Roger Moore One Wild Oat
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