Joan Kemp-Welch
Date of Birth
Sep 23, 1906
Birth Place:
Wimbledon, Surrey, England, UK

Worked With

Year Name Title
1943 Peter Madden Rhythm Serenade
1942 Beatrice Varley Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Max Adrian Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Roland Pertwee Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Percy Walsh Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Ian Fleming Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Anthony Holles Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Guy Middleton Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Roland Culver Talk About Jacqueline
1942 Martita Hunt Talk About Jacqueline
1941 Kenneth Griffith Hard Steel
1941 John Stuart Hard Steel
1941 Roddy Hughes Hard Steel
1941 Wilfred Lawson Hard Steel
1941 Ian Fleming Jeannie
1941 Googie Withers Jeannie
1941 Michael Redgrave Jeannie
1941 Wilfred Lawson Jeannie
1941 Gus McNaughton Jeannie
1941 Percy Walsh Jeannie
1941 Ben Williams Pimpernel Smith
1941 Roddy Hughes Pimpernel Smith
1941 Allan Jeayes Pimpernel Smith
1941 Leslie Howard Pimpernel Smith
1941 Francis L. Sullivan Pimpernel Smith
1941 Percy Walsh Pimpernel Smith
1941 David Tomlinson Pimpernel Smith
1941 Roland Pertwee Pimpernel Smith
1941 Eliot Makeham Wings and the Woman
1941 Miles Malleson Wings and the Woman
1941 Anna Neagle Wings and the Woman
1941 Ronald Shiner Wings and the Woman
1941 Robert Newton Wings and the Woman
1941 Martita Hunt Wings and the Woman
1941 Ian Fleming Wings and the Woman
1940 Robert Newton Haunted Honeymoon
1940 Googie Withers Haunted Honeymoon
1940 Robert Montgomery Haunted Honeymoon
1940 Leslie Banks Haunted Honeymoon
1940 Eliot Makeham Haunted Honeymoon
1940 Seymour Hicks Haunted Honeymoon
1940 Constance Cummings Haunted Honeymoon
1938 Felix Aylmer The Citadel
1938 Robert Donat The Citadel
1938 Rex Harrison The Citadel
1938 Bernard Miles The Citadel
1938 Eliot Makeham The Citadel
1938 Francis L. Sullivan The Citadel
1938 Cecil Parker The Citadel
1938 Emlyn Williams The Citadel
1938 Kynaston Reeves The Citadel
1938 Rosalind Russell The Citadel
1938 Ralph Richardson The Citadel
1937 Lawrence Hanray The Girl in the Taxi
1937 Anna Neagle Girls in the Street
1937 Robert Douglas Girls in the Street
1937 Tullio Carminatti Girls in the Street
1937 Anna Neagle Look out for Love
1937 Tullio Carminatti Look out for Love
1937 Robert Douglas Look out for Love
1937 Rex Harrison School for Husbands
1936 Gibb McLaughlin All In
1936 O.B. Clarence All In
1935 Ronald Shiner Once a Thief
1935 John Stuart Once a Thief
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