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An automotive designer (Dominic Rains) receives warning of a longtime family curse.
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By jlalom
I actually had a good laugh over some of the "Must Go!" reviews on here. I really think those reviews are fake. This movie was terrible! It was nothing but a cheap "horror" movie with bad acting, bad...

Epic! You don't want to miss this one.

By scottd1120356
Jinn = Enough said. It just sounds cool but once you see it you will never for get the JINN! I was fortunate enough to have seen this film at its premier at the DIA in Detroit. After seeing it...

It will make you JUMP in your seat!

By eat789
I was fortunate to watch Jinn at the red carpet premiere. This movie is a supernatural thriller based on the articles of faith. This movie gives you an insight into the world of Jinn. This movie...

Unrealized Potential

By sldraagyn
This is a refreshing movie to see mythology from the Persian culture get 'air time', but it would have been much more satisfying to have more explanation of the why's and what for's of this race of...

A good clean horror movie

By rozwynn722
This was a very good scary movie for those that don't like a lot of blood and/or torture. It was a great story and the actors were excellent. Young teens will really enjoy this movie....


By Loquegustas
It's a poor little movie trying to invade the territory of big movies (that are rarely very good). The script is poor, the acting so-so. Director? Hmmm... Perhaps Cinematography is not that bad. The...


By rihan514834
Jinn-The movie was a total THRILL AND EXCITING! DEFINITELY A MUST SEE! I wanna go again just like I got off a roller coaster!!!!! I LOVED it!!!! A great date nite movie or w/friends...just need to...

Great movie

By Iguy69
I saw the movie in Detroit at the premier at the Detroit Institute of Art. Very well done and interesting story. Great mix of west and east mythology. That director is amazing, Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad....

Deep story (tiny spoilers alert)

By vitaerosa
Listen carefully: Jinn is not the average western culture movie. you're not used to this. i get that. HOWEVER, i'm glad i watched it. It was pretty cool to see a new idea. by the end of the...

Surprisingly impressed

By zjo reviewer
Saw this today based on a friend's recommendation. I generally do not write reviews, but as I was informed this was a movie with a modest budget, I was impressed by the special effects in this...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense Seq of Terror/Violence