what were you thinking

By gbv
Written May 13, 2007
the minute you sympathize with the judgment of one of the characters another character makes you wonder what what where you thinking. This is a tough and insightful movie - shows how hard it is to articulate feelings when you don't know what your feeling are - and how the lack of trying screws things up. The acting was amazing. Well written and directed. See this move before it goes away. Not going to be a pop hit.
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By kingflik
Written May 28, 2007
The scenery was beautiful but I could have gone to the discovery or history channel to get that. The story was disjointed , the acting very average, and the ending was terrible. I thought it was a waste of our $.
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By momandsonmovielovers
Written May 14, 2007
Very disturbing. Excellent performances by strong cast. You'll have to do an inner cleansing to stop thinking about it. But worth seeing if your protective apparatus in place.
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By drpatterson
Written June 24, 2007
The scenery was nice but the story itself was very slow to develop, disjointed, and the ending was bizarre.The children's story lines were odd and unnecessary and only delayed the real story itself. The power line scene on the camping trip left my husband and I both wondering the significance - was he thinking about climbing it to try to get reception or what?!! If they really wanted to come up with a believable story then why didn't they all just agree to say that they had discovered the body right before they left to come home? They were willing to delay report finding the body yet felt they had to then tell the truth about when they actually discovered her. The acting was good but overall I felt that I wasted my time and money
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The Beautiful and Ugly of Australia

By norm_the_moviegoer
Written May 20, 2007
The movie is beautifully filmed and the actors are fantastic. The interplay with the aboriginals was very interesting. But, just as with several of the Australian films, we do see the ugly side of humanity and this movie will make you think...
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