Jim Ortlieb

Worked With

Year Name Title
2011 Kate Winslet Contagion
2011 Jennifer Ehle Contagion
2011 Jude Law Contagion
2011 Gwyneth Paltrow Contagion
2011 Matt Damon Contagion
2011 Laurence Fishburne Contagion
2011 Elliott Gould Contagion
2010 John Malkovich Drunkboat
2010 John Goodman Drunkboat
2006 Peter Jackson Enigma with a Stigma
2005 Melanie Lynskey Say Uncle
2003 Jacqueline Bisset Latter Days
2003 Mary Kay Place Latter Days
2003 Kathy Bates Six Feet Under: You Never Know
2003 Lili Taylor Six Feet Under: You Never Know
2003 Arye Gross Six Feet Under: You Never Know
2002 John C. McGinley Crazy as Hell
2002 Ronny Cox Crazy as Hell
2001 John Rubinstein Angel: Lullaby
1996 Fred Ward Chain Reaction
1996 Brian Cox Chain Reaction
1996 Joanna Cassidy Chain Reaction
1996 Morgan Freeman Chain Reaction
1996 Rachel Weisz Chain Reaction
1996 Keanu Reeves Chain Reaction
1992 Irma P. Hall The Babe
1992 Kelly McGillis The Babe
1992 John Goodman The Babe
1992 James Cromwell The Babe
1992 Peter Donat The Babe
1992 Trini Alvarado The Babe
1991 Lawrence Tierney Dillinger
1991 Will Patton Dillinger
1991 Vince Edwards Dillinger
1991 Sherilyn Fenn Dillinger
1991 Mark Harmon Dillinger
1991 Patricia Arquette Dillinger
1990 Julia Roberts Flatliners
1990 Kiefer Sutherland Flatliners
1990 Kevin Bacon Flatliners
1990 Hope Davis Flatliners
1990 William Baldwin Flatliners
1990 Mali Finn Flatliners
1990 Oliver Platt Flatliners
1990 Margaret Colin Good Night Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston
1990 Macaulay Culkin Home Alone
1990 Bill Erwin Home Alone
1990 Hope Davis Home Alone
1990 John Heard Home Alone
1990 Billie Bird Home Alone
1990 Joe Pesci Home Alone
1990 Jane Jenkins Home Alone
1990 Daniel Stern Home Alone
1990 John Candy Home Alone
1990 Roberts Blossom Home Alone
1990 Catherine O'Hara Home Alone
1989 Tom Selleck An Innocent Man
1989 Clint Howard An Innocent Man
1989 Todd Graff An Innocent Man
1989 Philip Baker Hall An Innocent Man
1989 F. Murray Abraham An Innocent Man
1986 Darlanne Fluegel Running Scared
1986 Dan Hedaya Running Scared
1986 Gregory Hines Running Scared
1986 Billy Crystal Running Scared
1986 Jimmy Smits Running Scared
1986 Joe Pantoliano Running Scared
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