Jimmy Yuill

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Brendan Gleeson The Raven
2012 John Cusack The Raven
2011 Cillian Murphy Retreat
2011 Thandie Newton Retreat
2009 Julian Glover Princess Kaiulani
2009 Will Patton Princess Kaiulani
2009 Barry Pepper Princess Kaiulani
2007 Janet McTeer As You Like It
2007 Alfred Molina As You Like It
2007 Patrick Doyle As You Like It
2007 Kevin Kline As You Like It
2007 Richard Briers As You Like It
2007 Brian Blessed As You Like It
2005 Maggie Smith Ladies in Lavender
2005 David Warner Ladies in Lavender
2005 Judi Dench Ladies in Lavender
2005 Natascha McElhone Ladies in Lavender
2005 Miriam Margolyes Ladies in Lavender
2005 Freddie Jones Ladies in Lavender
2000 Timothy Spall Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Kenneth Branagh Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Emily Mortimer Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Alicia Silverstone Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Nathan Lane Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Natascha McElhone Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Richard Briers Love's Labour's Lost
2000 Brian Cox Strictly Sinatra
2000 Richard E. Grant Strictly Sinatra
2000 Ian Hart Strictly Sinatra
2000 Kelly MacDonald Strictly Sinatra
1996 Richard Attenborough Hamlet
1996 Julie Christie Hamlet
1996 Timothy Spall Hamlet
1996 Kenneth Branagh Hamlet
1996 Richard Briers Hamlet
1996 Judi Dench Hamlet
1996 John Gielgud Hamlet
1996 Brian Blessed Hamlet
1996 Rosemary Harris Hamlet
1996 Jack Lemmon Hamlet
1996 John Mills Hamlet
1996 Billy Crystal Hamlet
1996 Gérard Depardieu Hamlet
1996 Robin Williams Hamlet
1996 Rufus Sewell Hamlet
1996 Derek Jacobi Hamlet
1996 Kate Winslet Hamlet
1996 Charlton Heston Hamlet
1994 Kenneth Branagh Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
1994 Robert De Niro Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
1994 Aidan Quinn Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
1994 John Cleese Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
1994 Tom Hulce Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
1994 Ian Holm Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
1994 Richard Briers Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
1994 Helena Bonham Carter Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
1993 Kate Beckinsale Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Richard Briers Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Brian Blessed Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Patrick Doyle Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Phyllida Law Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Emma Thompson Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Robert Sean Leonard Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Keanu Reeves Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Michael Keaton Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Denzel Washington Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Kenneth Branagh Much Ado About Nothing
1991 Tom Wilkinson Paper Mask
1991 Amanda Donohoe Paper Mask
1991 Barbara Leigh-Hunt Paper Mask
1989 Richard Briers Henry V
1989 Christian Bale Henry V
1989 Brian Blessed Henry V
1989 Patrick Doyle Henry V
1989 Robbie Coltrane Henry V
1989 Judi Dench Henry V
1989 Ian Holm Henry V
1989 Robert Stephens Henry V
1989 Emma Thompson Henry V
1989 Kenneth Branagh Henry V
1989 Derek Jacobi Henry V
1989 Paul Scofield Henry V
1989 Alec McCowen Henry V
1983 Peter Riegert Local Hero
1983 Jenny Seagrove Local Hero
1983 Burt Lancaster Local Hero
1980 Harry Dean Stanton Death Watch
1980 Robbie Coltrane Death Watch
1980 Max von Sydow Death Watch
1980 Romy Schneider Death Watch
1980 Harvey Keitel Death Watch
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