Jim Jansen

Worked With

Year Name Title
2011 Reese Witherspoon Water for Elephants
2011 Hal Holbrook Water for Elephants
2003 Bill Erwin Monk: Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man
2003 Glenne Headly Monk: Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man
2002 Ryan Gosling Murder By Numbers
2002 Michael Pitt Murder By Numbers
2002 Ben Chaplin Murder By Numbers
2002 Sandra Bullock Murder By Numbers
2002 Chris Penn Murder By Numbers
2001 Brendan Gleeson A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Meryl Streep A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Ben Kingsley A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 William Hurt A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Chris Rock A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Frances O'Connor A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Haley Joel Osment A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Robin Williams A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Jude Law A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
1996 Dianne Wiest The Birdcage
1996 Calista Flockhart The Birdcage
1996 Robin Williams The Birdcage
1996 Christine Baranski The Birdcage
1996 Nathan Lane The Birdcage
1996 Gene Hackman The Birdcage
1996 Hank Azaria The Birdcage
1993 Seth Green Airborne
1993 Edie McClurg Airborne
1993 Jack Black Airborne
1993 William Windom Dennis the Menace: Dinosaur Hunter!
1992 Jonathan Silverman Death Becomes Her
1992 Meryl Streep Death Becomes Her
1992 Sydney Pollack Death Becomes Her
1992 Ken Hughes Death Becomes Her
1992 Michelle Johnson Death Becomes Her
1992 Goldie Hawn Death Becomes Her
1992 Isabella Rossellini Death Becomes Her
1992 Bruce Willis Death Becomes Her
1991 Bill Erwin Growing Pains: Viva Las Vegas
1991 Kevin Bacon Pyrates
1991 Kyra Sedgwick Pyrates
1989 Alan Oppenheimer Murphy Brown: The Morning Show
1987 William Windom Dennis the Menace
1984 Tom Noonan Best Defense
1984 Eddie Murphy Best Defense
1984 George Dzundza Best Defense
1984 Kate Capshaw Best Defense
1984 Helen Shaver Best Defense
1984 Ray Sharkey Best Defense
1984 David Paymer Best Defense
1984 Dudley Moore Best Defense
1982 Lynn Stalmaster Tootsie
1982 Sydney Pollack Tootsie
1982 Bill Murray Tootsie
1982 Lynne Thigpen Tootsie
1982 Dustin Hoffman Tootsie
1982 Dabney Coleman Tootsie
1982 Jessica Lange Tootsie
1982 George Gaynes Tootsie
1982 Teri Garr Tootsie
1982 Christine Ebersole Tootsie
1982 Charles Durning Tootsie
1982 Geena Davis Tootsie
1982 Estelle Getty Tootsie
1981 Anita Morris So Fine
1981 John Bentley So Fine
1981 Fred Gwynne So Fine
1981 Ryan O'Neal So Fine
1981 Jack Warden So Fine
1981 Michael Lombard So Fine
1981 Mike Kellin So Fine
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