Jim Gaffigan

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Reese Witherspoon Hot Pursuit
2014 William H. Macy Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Lisa Kudrow Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Whoopi Goldberg Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Judd Apatow Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Freddie Prinze, Jr. Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Larry David Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Janeane Garofalo Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Jon Favreau Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Tom Hanks Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Martin Short Misery Loves Comedy
2014 James L. Brooks Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Christopher Guest Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Jason Alexander Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Matthew Perry Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Sam Rockwell Misery Loves Comedy
2014 Virginia Madsen Walter
2014 Neve Campbell Walter
2014 William H. Macy Walter
2012 Ray Romano Dying to Do Letterman
2012 M. Emmet Walsh Love Sick Love
2012 Charlotte Rae Love Sick Love
2010 Christina Applegate Going the Distance
2010 Drew Barrymore Going the Distance
2010 Margaret Cho I Am Comic
2010 Janeane Garofalo I Am Comic
2010 Tim Allen I Am Comic
2010 Viola Davis It's Kind of a Funny Story
2010 Jeremy Davies It's Kind of a Funny Story
2010 Lauren Graham It's Kind of a Funny Story
2010 Greg Kinnear Salvation Boulevard
2010 Ed Harris Salvation Boulevard
2010 Jennifer Connelly Salvation Boulevard
2010 Ciarán Hinds Salvation Boulevard
2010 Marisa Tomei Salvation Boulevard
2010 Pierce Brosnan Salvation Boulevard
2010 Tovah Feldshuh Ten Stories Tall
2010 Ally Sheedy Ten Stories Tall
2009 Matthew Perry 17 Again
2009 Brian Doyle-Murray 17 Again
2009 Allison Janney Away We Go
2009 Kevin J. O'Connor Away We Go
2009 Melanie Lynskey Away We Go
2009 Maggie Gyllenhaal Away We Go
2009 Catherine O'Hara Away We Go
2009 Jeff Daniels Away We Go
2009 Norm MacDonald Just for Laughs: Over the Edge
2009 Lance Henriksen The Slammin' Salmon
2009 Michael Clarke Duncan The Slammin' Salmon
2008 Mike Myers The Love Guru
2008 Ben Kingsley The Love Guru
2008 Rob Cohen The Love Guru
2008 Robert Blake The Love Guru
2008 James Russo Shoot First and Pray You Live
2007 Bryan Brown The Living Wake
2006 Jeremy Sisto My Boys [TV Series]
2006 Timothy Hutton Stephanie Daley
2006 Melissa Leo Stephanie Daley
2006 Tilda Swinton Stephanie Daley
2006 Ellen Barkin Trust the Man
2006 David Duchovny Trust the Man
2006 Eva Mendes Trust the Man
2006 Billy Crudup Trust the Man
2006 Garry Shandling Trust the Man
2006 Bob Balaban Trust the Man
2006 James LeGros Trust the Man
2006 Maggie Gyllenhaal Trust the Man
2006 Julianne Moore Trust the Man
2005 Maggie Gyllenhaal The Great New Wonderful
2005 Tony Shalhoub The Great New Wonderful
2005 Edie Falco The Great New Wonderful
2005 Olympia Dukakis The Great New Wonderful
2004 Mark Ruffalo 13 Going on 30
2004 Jennifer Garner 13 Going on 30
2004 Kathy Baker 13 Going on 30
2004 Andy Serkis 13 Going on 30
2002 Cynthia Nixon Igby Goes Down
2002 Susan Sarandon Igby Goes Down
2002 Eric Bogosian Igby Goes Down
2002 Bill Pullman Igby Goes Down
2002 Jared Harris Igby Goes Down
2002 Ryan Phillippe Igby Goes Down
2002 Claire Danes Igby Goes Down
2002 Jeff Goldblum Igby Goes Down
2002 Amanda Peet Igby Goes Down
2001 Cloris Leachman The Ellen Show [TV Series]
2001 Ellen DeGeneres The Ellen Show [TV Series]
2001 Martin Mull The Ellen Show [TV Series]
2001 Brian Cox Super Troopers
2000 Michael Imperioli Hamlet
2000 Campbell Scott Hamlet
2000 Roscoe Lee Browne Hamlet
2000 Jamey Sheridan Hamlet
2000 Blair Brown Hamlet
2000 Christine Baranski Welcome to New York [TV Series]
1999 Sheryl Lee Ralph Hook'd Up
1998 J.K. Simmons Law & Order: Flight
1998 Dylan Baker Law & Order: Flight
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