Jill Ireland
Date of Birth
Apr 24, 1936
Birth Place:
London, England, UK

Worked With

Year Name Title
1989 William Shatner Hollywood on Horses
1989 Patrick Swayze Hollywood on Horses
1989 James Woods Hollywood on Horses
1989 Tab Hunter Hollywood on Horses
1989 Linda Blair Hollywood on Horses
1989 Ruth Buzzi Hollywood on Horses
1989 Bo Derek Hollywood on Horses
1987 Michael Ansara Assassination
1987 Charles Bronson Assassination
1987 Stephen Elliott Assassination
1982 Vincent Gardenia Death Wish 2
1982 Lamont Johnson Death Wish 2
1982 Henny Youngman Death Wish 2
1982 Anthony Franciosa Death Wish 2
1982 Charles Bronson Death Wish 2
1982 J.D. Cannon Death Wish 2
1982 Laurence Fishburne Death Wish 2
1980 MacDonald Carey The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything
1980 Ed Nelson The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything
1980 Maurice Evans The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything
1980 Robert Hays The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything
1979 Charles Bronson Love and Bullets
1979 Strother Martin Love and Bullets
1979 Michael Vincente Gazzo Love and Bullets
1979 Bradford Dillman Love and Bullets
1979 Paul Koslo Love and Bullets
1979 Albert Salmi Love and Bullets
1979 Andy Romano Love and Bullets
1979 Rod Steiger Love and Bullets
1979 Henry Silva Love and Bullets
1976 Sally Kirkland Breakheart Pass
1976 Boyd "Red" Morgan Breakheart Pass
1976 Ed Lauter Breakheart Pass
1976 Richard Crenna Breakheart Pass
1976 Ben Johnson Breakheart Pass
1976 John Mitchum Breakheart Pass
1976 Charles Durning Breakheart Pass
1976 Rayford Barnes Breakheart Pass
1976 Charles Bronson Breakheart Pass
1976 Elmer Bernstein From Noon Till Three
1976 Douglas Fowley From Noon Till Three
1976 Alan Bergman From Noon Till Three
1976 Don "Red" Barry From Noon Till Three
1976 Charles Bronson From Noon Till Three
1976 Anne Ramsey From Noon Till Three
1975 Randy Quaid Breakout
1975 Alejandro Rey Breakout
1975 Charles Bronson Breakout
1975 Sheree North Breakout
1975 Robert Duvall Breakout
1975 John Huston Breakout
1975 Emilio Fernández Breakout
1975 Bruce Glover Hard Times
1975 Charles Bronson Hard Times
1975 James Coburn Hard Times
1975 Strother Martin Hard Times
1973 Vincent Van Patten Chino
1973 Fausto Tozzi Chino
1973 Charles Bronson Chino
1972 Charles Bronson The Mechanic
1972 Frank de Kova The Mechanic
1972 Keenan Wynn The Mechanic
1972 Lino Ventura The Valachi Papers
1972 Joseph Wiseman The Valachi Papers
1972 Fausto Tozzi The Valachi Papers
1972 Gerald O'Loughlin The Valachi Papers
1972 Charles Bronson The Valachi Papers
1971 Richard Basehart Chato's Land
1971 Charles Bronson Chato's Land
1971 Simon Oakland Chato's Land
1971 Lee Patterson Chato's Land
1971 Jack Palance Chato's Land
1971 Richard Jordan Chato's Land
1971 Ralph Waite Chato's Land
1971 James Whitmore Chato's Land
1971 Anthony Perkins Someone Behind the Door
1971 Charles Bronson Someone Behind the Door
1970 Gabriele Ferzetti Cold Sweat
1970 James Mason Cold Sweat
1970 Liv Ullmann Cold Sweat
1970 Charles Bronson Cold Sweat
1970 Charles Bronson Rider on the Rain
1970 Marlène Jobert Rider on the Rain
1970 Telly Savalas Violent City
1970 Charles Bronson Violent City
1968 Robert Mitchum Villa Rides
1968 Fernando Rey Villa Rides
1968 Alexander Knox Villa Rides
1968 Herbert Lom Villa Rides
1968 John Ireland Villa Rides
1968 Robert Towne Villa Rides
1968 Yul Brynner Villa Rides
1968 Charles Bronson Villa Rides
1967 Leo G. Carroll The Karate Killers
1967 Terry-Thomas The Karate Killers
1967 Telly Savalas The Karate Killers
1967 Joan Crawford The Karate Killers
1967 Robert Vaughn The Karate Killers
1967 Curd Jürgens The Karate Killers
1967 Herbert Lom The Karate Killers
1967 David McCallum The Karate Killers
1967 Frank Overton Star Trek: This Side of Paradise
1966 David Carradine Shane [TV Series]
1964 David Opatoshu Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Price of Doom
1964 Steve Ihnat Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Price of Doom
1963 David McCallum Jungle Street Girls
1962 Eric Barker Roommates
1962 Liz Fraser Roommates
1962 Tom Clegg Roommates
1962 Kenny Williams Roommates
1962 George Woodbridge Roommates
1962 Brian Oulton Roommates
1962 Geoffrey Keen Roommates
1962 Victor Maddern Roommates
1962 James Robertson Justice Roommates
1962 Kenny Williams Twice Round the Daffodils
1962 Joan Sims Twice Round the Daffodils
1962 Donald Houston Twice Round the Daffodils
1962 Juliet Mills Twice Round the Daffodils
1961 David McCallum Jungle Street
1961 Geoffrey Keen Raising the Wind
1961 James Robertson Justice Raising the Wind
1961 Eric Barker Raising the Wind
1961 Liz Fraser Raising the Wind
1961 Kenny Williams Raising the Wind
1961 Colin Tapley So Evil So Young
1960 Joe Don Baker Girls of Latin Quarter
1959 Joan Sims Carry On Nurse
1959 Marianne Stone Carry On Nurse
1959 Harry Locke Carry On Nurse
1959 Kenny Williams Carry On Nurse
1959 Norman Rossington Carry On Nurse
1959 Brian Oulton Carry On Nurse
1959 Hattie Jacques Carry On Nurse
1959 Wilfrid Hyde-White Carry On Nurse
1959 Charles Hawtrey Carry On Nurse
1959 Michael Medwin Carry On Nurse
1959 John Horsley Carry On Nurse
1959 Charles Gray The Desperate Man
1957 John Miller Hell Drivers
1957 David McCallum Hell Drivers
1957 Beatrice Varley Hell Drivers
1957 Herbert Lom Hell Drivers
1957 John Horsley Hell Drivers
1957 Gordon Jackson Hell Drivers
1957 Wilfred Lawson Hell Drivers
1957 Marianne Stone Hell Drivers
1957 Patrick McGoohan Hell Drivers
1957 Stanley Baker Hell Drivers
1957 Sean Connery Hell Drivers
1957 Peggy Cummins Hell Drivers
1957 Laurence Naismith Robbery Under Arms
1957 Max Wagner Robbery Under Arms
1957 Peter Finch Robbery Under Arms
1957 John Hargreaves Robbery Under Arms
1957 David McCallum Robbery Under Arms
1957 Bruce Seton There's Always a Thursday
1957 Andrea Malandrinos There's Always a Thursday
1957 Martita Hunt Three Men in a Boat
1957 Adrienne Corri Three Men in a Boat
1957 Laurence Harvey Three Men in a Boat
1957 Miles Malleson Three Men in a Boat
1957 George Woodbridge Three Men in a Boat
1957 Norman Rossington Three Men in a Boat
1957 Charles Lloyd Pack Three Men in a Boat
1957 David Tomlinson Three Men in a Boat
1957 Ernst Thesiger Three Men in a Boat
1956 Kathleen Harrison The Big Money
1956 James Hayter The Big Money
1956 Robert Armstrong The Big Money
1956 George Coulouris The Big Money
1956 Ian Carmichael The Big Money
1955 Mel Ferrer Oh, Rosalinda!
1955 Anthony Quayle Oh, Rosalinda!
1955 Roy Kinnear Oh, Rosalinda!
1955 Michael Redgrave Oh, Rosalinda!
1955 Anton Walbrook Oh, Rosalinda!
1955 Dennis Price Oh, Rosalinda!
1955 Richard Wattis Simon and Laura
1955 Marianne Stone Simon and Laura
1955 Kay Kendall Simon and Laura
1955 Maurice Denham Simon and Laura
1955 Charles Hawtrey Simon and Laura
1955 Peter Finch Simon and Laura
1955 Thora Hird Simon and Laura
1955 Ian Carmichael Simon and Laura
1955 David Kossoff The Woman for Joe
1955 Diane Cilento The Woman for Joe
1955 Arthur Lowe The Woman for Joe
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