Jesus Christ Superstar lives up to its legend!

By Kymberli36
Written October 12, 2012
This epic UK Rock spectacular captured early October, is sure to be on the "must see": list of the season for both Andrew Lloyd Webber and Theatre fans alike. This is a special version of the show, which originally opened in the West End in 1972 - 40 years ago. Jesus Christ Superstar is the dramatized reenactment of the last 7 days of Jesus of Nazareth—performed over two Acts. Laurence Connor, known for his work on the lavish 25th Anniversary productions of both Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, is the Director. The acclaimed creative team also includes Mark Fisher as set designer and lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe. Both Mark and Patrick have worked on global arena and stadium tours for some of the world’s biggest events and music acts including the Rolling Stones and U2 concerts as well as the recent 2012 Olympics and Diamond Jubilee celebrations. VALUE ADD: Historical retrospective of the show with special cast interviews (both past and present)
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Entertaining, moving, powerful and a joy to watch!

By savaalcantara
Written September 29, 2015
I've seen Jesus Christ Superstar a few times and only recently, on the big screen in Santa Monica, when the actor, Ted Neely (who played Jesus Christ), Barry Dennen (Pontius Pilate) and one other actor from the 1973 film were present to talk to moviegoers before the screening. Viewing a beautiful print that was clearer than Blu-Ray was a treat! Hearing iconic songs that linger in your head long after seeing the film and the stellar performances from Ted Neeley, Carl Anderson (Judas) and Yvonne Elliman (Mary Magdalene) was something this I can appreciate. Fans of this movie can enjoy it on many levels and there's a playful sense of humor present in songs such as "I Always Wanted to Be an Apostle," as a welcome light-hearted contrast to the movie's darker, necessary scenes of the crucifixion. Regardless if one is religious, an atheist, or something in between, seeing this movie, which was filmed in Israel at the sites where the actual historical Jesus Christ was believed to have live
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By TeamErnie
Written September 27, 2015
Loved the film, it is an iconic film that I have seen many times, but this was a special evening with the star Ted Neeley present and I got to meet him and he was so gracious to all of us. An excellent evening I will always remember!
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Before Phantom there was this movie

By ekvegas
Written October 08, 2012
Yes it was on both Broadway and West End stages but it reached the masses with this movie and using the desert for a stark stage and backdrop it asked what if Christ was a pop would the story play out...and in this age of instant everything...I still find myself seeking the soundtrack. GO! '
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jesus christ superstar

Written September 25, 2015
INCREDIBLE!!!!!! see this again on the big screen, remastered was truly a 'religious experience" (no pun intended)...and to meet Ted Neely again! husband and I were 'granted an audience' with him when he was here with the stage production at the McCallum.....he truly embodies the role. One of the most peaceful, gracious men I've ever met...especially considering that he's in 'show biz' am I and it was THIS MOVIE that made me say....I HAVE TO DO THAT!....which I did and am doing..the movie also inspired the beginning of my spiritual quest (I am now an ordained metaphysical minister).....needless to say....IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!....would love the chance to see it AGAIN on the big screen!....any chance of bringing it back?????
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