Jeremy Zimmerman

Worked With

Year Name Title
2004 Jeffrey Tambor Hellboy
2004 Guillermo del Toro Hellboy
2004 David Hyde Pierce Hellboy
2004 John Hurt Hellboy
2004 Ron Perlman Hellboy
1993 Julie Delpy The Three Musketeers
1993 Rebecca De Mornay The Three Musketeers
1993 Tim Curry The Three Musketeers
1993 Gabrielle Anwar The Three Musketeers
1993 Oliver Platt The Three Musketeers
1993 Kiefer Sutherland The Three Musketeers
1993 Chris O'Donnell The Three Musketeers
1993 Charlie Sheen The Three Musketeers
1992 Ian Richardson Year of the Comet
1992 Penelope Ann Miller Year of the Comet
1992 Louis Jourdan Year of the Comet
1992 Tim Daly Year of the Comet
1992 Martin Benson Year of the Comet
1991 Roman Polanski Back in the USSR
1991 Brian Blessed Back in the USSR
1991 Frank Whaley Back in the USSR
1991 Gene Hackman Company Business
1991 Terry O'Quinn Company Business
1991 Mikhail Baryshnikov Company Business
1991 Kurtwood Smith Company Business
1990 Victor Spinetti The Krays
1990 Norman Rossington The Krays
1990 Billie Whitelaw The Krays
1990 Steven Berkoff The Krays
1990 Tom Bell The Krays
1990 Murray Melvin The Krays
1988 Anthony Andrews Hanna's War
1988 Denholm Elliott Hanna's War
1988 Ellen Burstyn Hanna's War
1988 Ingrid Pitt Hanna's War
1988 David Warner Hanna's War
1988 Rade Serbedzija Hanna's War
1988 Donald Pleasence Hanna's War
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