JENNIFER'S BODY - is out of scary shape! Rating: C-plus. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written September 16, 2009
Monday 9/14. This 102-min horror film was screen-written by Diablo Cody(JUNO) and directed by Karyn Kusama(AEON FLUX). From the previews/trailers, I was expecting to be scared out of my skin - BUT, alas, I was disappointed because there was not enough scary scenes/moments! Instead, there were blood and gore aplenty. JENNIFER'S BODY was written as a metaphor about teen girls grappling with their new found budding sexuality and its inherent power over young men. Jennifer has a lusciously 'SALTY' body and she is HUNGRY(figuratively and literally) for boys!!! Mmmm - yum-yum!!! There were a few steamy sapphic moments to satisfy those movie-goers that are yearning some fem-on-fem action. Amanda Seyfried stole the movie w/ her compelling performance. Editing and directing = choppy, Set-design and Cinematography = above-average. Plot = average. Lines/zingers = funny. VERDICT: Horror fans and fans of A.S., Megan Fox and Diablo Cody - MUST SEE! NOT kids/family-friendly.
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Five Word Review

By dianajonesss
Written September 19, 2009
typical non-horrifying stupid retarded non-funny
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By BranFlakes1981
Written September 16, 2009
I went into this movie with the LOWEST of expectations... It surprisingly kept me laughing the whole time. I'd say it's 95% comedy with 5% blood & gore. Not really a "horror" flick as far as I'm concerned.
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By moviefan567
Written September 29, 2009
The movie was awesome. Everything about it. Megan Fox was great in it as the rest of the team. Clever, funny, scary, sexy, emotional. Great job everyone involved.
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Jennifer's Body-For Once Men Are The Victims!!!

Written September 30, 2009
As a female horror fan, I must say that this is a start. It may not be the perfect horror film, but as a horror fan I felt I had to go see it. Men are the victims in the film but you will see why. I especially loved the very end because it completed the film and I felt satisfied. This film was funnier than it was scary, but it was very entertaining so I think it's worth watching. People take horror films too seriously! You can't compare this to Alfred Hitchcock or Stephen King or Japanese original horror films! If you do, of course you will be disappointed. See it for fun that's all.
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