Jennifer Lopez
Date of Birth
Jul 24, 1969
Birth Place:
Castle Hill, Bronx, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Steve Martin Home
2015 Viola Davis Lila and Eve
2012 Patrick Stewart Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 John Leguizamo Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 Denis Leary Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 Queen Latifah Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 Wanda Sykes Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 Ray Romano Ice Age: Continental Drift
2012 Michael Chiklis Parker
2012 Patti LuPone Parker
2012 Nick Nolte Parker
2012 Sarah Jessica Parker $ellebrity
2012 Jennifer Aniston $ellebrity
2012 Salma Hayek $ellebrity
2012 Elton John $ellebrity
2012 Rosanna Arquette $ellebrity
2012 Dennis Quaid What to Expect When You're Expecting
2012 Chris Rock What to Expect When You're Expecting
2012 Cameron Diaz What to Expect When You're Expecting
2010 Tom Bosley The Back-up Plan
2010 Robert Klein The Back-up Plan
2007 Martin Sheen Bordertown
2007 Sonia Braga Bordertown
2007 Antonio Banderas Bordertown
2005 Elaine Stritch Monster-in-Law
2005 Jane Fonda Monster-in-Law
2005 Wanda Sykes Monster-in-Law
2005 Robert Redford An Unfinished Life
2005 Morgan Freeman An Unfinished Life
2005 Josh Lucas An Unfinished Life
2004 Ben Affleck Jersey Girl
2004 Stephen Root Jersey Girl
2004 Jason Biggs Jersey Girl
2004 Liv Tyler Jersey Girl
2004 George Carlin Jersey Girl
2004 Susan Sarandon Shall We Dance?
2004 Richard Jenkins Shall We Dance?
2004 Richard Gere Shall We Dance?
2004 Stanley Tucci Shall We Dance?
2003 Al Pacino Gigli
2003 Ben Affleck Gigli
2003 Christopher Walken Gigli
2002 Bill Campbell Enough
2002 Fred Ward Enough
2002 Juliette Lewis Enough
2002 Natasha Richardson Maid in Manhattan
2002 Stanley Tucci Maid in Manhattan
2002 Bob Hoskins Maid in Manhattan
2002 Christopher Eigeman Maid in Manhattan
2002 Ralph Fiennes Maid in Manhattan
2001 Terrence Howard Angel Eyes
2001 Sonia Braga Angel Eyes
2001 James Caviezel Angel Eyes
2001 Shirley Knight Angel Eyes
2001 Jeremy Sisto Angel Eyes
2001 Kevin Pollak The Wedding Planner
2001 Alex Rocco The Wedding Planner
2001 Fred Willard The Wedding Planner
2001 Matthew McConaughey The Wedding Planner
2000 Vincent D'Onofrio The Cell
2000 Vince Vaughn The Cell
2000 Pruitt Taylor Vince The Cell
2000 Dylan Baker The Cell
2000 Marianne Jean-Baptiste The Cell
2000 Alan Cumming Saturday Night Live: Alan Cumming
1999 Rita Hayworth Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Antonio Banderas Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Dolores Del Rio Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Rita Moreno Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Ricardo Montalban Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Carmen Miranda Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Edward James Olmos Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Salma Hayek Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Jimmy Smits Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Cesar Romero Hispanic Hollywood
1999 José Ferrer Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Anthony Quinn Hispanic Hollywood
1999 Penélope Cruz Hispanic Hollywood
1998 Sylvester Stallone Antz
1998 Sharon Stone Antz
1998 Danny Glover Antz
1998 Gene Hackman Antz
1998 Dan Aykroyd Antz
1998 Anne Bancroft Antz
1998 Christopher Walken Antz
1998 Woody Allen Antz
1998 Jane Curtin Antz
1998 John Mahoney Antz
1998 Paul Mazursky Antz
1998 Michael Keaton Out of Sight
1998 Samuel L. Jackson Out of Sight
1998 Luis Guzman Out of Sight
1998 Ving Rhames Out of Sight
1998 Albert Brooks Out of Sight
1998 Don Cheadle Out of Sight
1998 Dennis Farina Out of Sight
1998 George Clooney Out of Sight
1998 Nancy Allen Out of Sight
1998 Viola Davis Out of Sight
1998 Steve Zahn Out of Sight
1998 Catherine Keener Out of Sight
1997 Owen Wilson Anaconda
1997 Jon Voight Anaconda
1997 Eric Stoltz Anaconda
1997 Ice Cube Anaconda
1997 Edward James Olmos Selena
1997 Sean Penn U-Turn
1997 Julie Hagerty U-Turn
1997 Nick Nolte U-Turn
1997 Powers Boothe U-Turn
1997 Joaquin Phoenix U-Turn
1997 Laurie Metcalf U-Turn
1997 Billy Bob Thornton U-Turn
1997 Claire Danes U-Turn
1997 Liv Tyler U-Turn
1997 Jon Voight U-Turn
1996 Judy Davis Blood and Wine
1996 John Seitz Blood and Wine
1996 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Blood and Wine
1996 Jack Nicholson Blood and Wine
1996 Michael Caine Blood and Wine
1996 Stephen Dorff Blood and Wine
1996 Michael McKean Jack
1996 Bill Cosby Jack
1996 Diane Lane Jack
1996 Robin Williams Jack
1995 Wesley Snipes Money Train
1995 Woody Harrelson Money Train
1995 Chris Cooper Money Train
1995 Robert Blake Money Train
1995 Aida Turturro Money Train
1995 Esai Morales My Family
1995 Scott Bakula My Family
1995 Edward James Olmos My Family
1995 Mary Steenburgen My Family
1995 Jimmy Smits My Family
1993 Robert Loggia Lost in the Wild
1993 Connie Sellecca Second Chances [TV Series]
1986 Mary Stuart Masterson My Little Girl
1986 Geraldine Page My Little Girl
1986 Anne Meara My Little Girl
1986 James Earl Jones My Little Girl
1986 Peter Gallagher My Little Girl
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