Jennifer Grey
Date of Birth
Mar 26, 1960
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Stanley Tucci The Wind Rises
2013 Elijah Wood The Wind Rises
2013 Werner Herzog The Wind Rises
2013 William H. Macy The Wind Rises
2013 Mandy Patinkin The Wind Rises
2013 Martin Short The Wind Rises
2010 Florence Henderson Dancing With the Stars: Season 11
2010 David Hasselhoff Dancing With the Stars: Season 11
2010 Margaret Cho Dancing With the Stars: Season 11
2008 Tim Allen Redbelt
2008 Emily Mortimer Redbelt
2008 Rebecca Pidgeon Redbelt
2008 Joe Mantegna Redbelt
2008 Ed O'Neill Redbelt
2008 David Paymer Redbelt
2001 Tim Curry Ritual
2000 Gwyneth Paltrow Bounce
2000 David Paymer Bounce
2000 Joe Morton Bounce
2000 Tony Goldwyn Bounce
2000 Caroline Aaron Bounce
2000 Ben Affleck Bounce
1999 Christopher Eigeman It's Like, You Know [TV Series]
1999 Elliott Gould It's Like, You Know [TV Series]
1998 Kathryn Harrold Outrage
1998 Rob Lowe Outrage
1996 Adam Baldwin Lover's Knot
1996 Bill Campbell Lover's Knot
1996 Tim Curry Lover's Knot
1996 Anne Francis Lover's Knot
1996 Lara Flynn Boyle Red Meat
1995 Eric Stoltz A Dime a Dance
1995 Liza Minnelli The West Side Waltz
1995 Kathy Bates The West Side Waltz
1995 Shirley MacLaine The West Side Waltz
1993 Robert DoQui A Case for Murder
1993 Samantha Eggar A Case for Murder
1993 Eugene Roche A Case for Murder
1993 Peter Berg A Case for Murder
1992 Stellan Skarsgård Wind
1992 Cliff Robertson Wind
1992 Matthew Modine Wind
1992 Rebecca Miller Wind
1991 Pearl Bailey Cindy Eller
1991 Kyra Sedgwick Cindy Eller
1991 Daniel J. Travanti Eyes of a Witness
1990 Anthony LaPaglia Criminal Justice
1990 Rosie Perez Criminal Justice
1990 Forest Whitaker Criminal Justice
1990 CCH Pounder Murder in Mississippi
1990 Tom Hulce Murder in Mississippi
1990 Josh Charles Murder in Mississippi
1990 Andre Braugher Murder in Mississippi
1990 Rob Lowe Stroke of Midnight
1990 Andréa Ferréol Stroke of Midnight
1989 Anita Morris Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Esai Morales Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Julie Hagerty Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Steve Buscemi Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Matt Dillon Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Stephen McHattie Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Fisher Stevens Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Madonna Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Louis Zorich Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Rutger Hauer Bloodhounds of Broadway
1989 Randy Quaid Bloodhounds of Broadway
1988 Christopher Plummer Light Years
1988 Bridget Fonda Light Years
1988 Glenn Close Light Years
1987 Jerry Orbach Dirty Dancing
1987 Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing
1987 Jack Weston Dirty Dancing
1986 Max Perlich Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1986 Mia Sara Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1986 Charlie Sheen Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1986 Edie McClurg Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1986 Jeffrey Jones Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1986 Matthew Broderick Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1985 Kevin Costner American Flyers
1985 Rae Dawn Chong American Flyers
1985 Alexandra Paul American Flyers
1985 Janice Rule American Flyers
1985 Robert Townsend American Flyers
1985 Sylvia Miles Cindy Eller: A Modern Fairy Tale
1985 Kyra Sedgwick Cindy Eller: A Modern Fairy Tale
1985 Pearl Bailey Cindy Eller: A Modern Fairy Tale
1984 Richard Gere The Cotton Club
1984 Joe Dallesandro The Cotton Club
1984 Allen Garfield The Cotton Club
1984 Fred Gwynne The Cotton Club
1984 Laurence Fishburne The Cotton Club
1984 Giancarlo Esposito The Cotton Club
1984 Gwen Verdon The Cotton Club
1984 Woody Strode The Cotton Club
1984 Diane Venora The Cotton Club
1984 Tom Waits The Cotton Club
1984 James Russo The Cotton Club
1984 Bob Hoskins The Cotton Club
1984 Lonette McKee The Cotton Club
1984 Mario Van Peebles The Cotton Club
1984 Gregory Hines The Cotton Club
1984 Diane Lane The Cotton Club
1984 Nicolas Cage The Cotton Club
1984 Kenneth McMillan Reckless
1984 Dan Hedaya Reckless
1984 Daryl Hannah Reckless
1984 Adam Baldwin Reckless
1984 Aidan Quinn Reckless
1984 Ron O'Neal Red Dawn
1984 David Keith Red Dawn
1984 Ben Johnson Red Dawn
1984 Lea Thompson Red Dawn
1984 Charlie Sheen Red Dawn
1984 Pepe Serna Red Dawn
1984 Powers Boothe Red Dawn
1984 William Smith Red Dawn
1984 Patrick Swayze Red Dawn
1984 Harry Dean Stanton Red Dawn
1984 Lane Smith Red Dawn
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