Jellyfish Synopsis
In Tel Aviv, Israel, an aimless waitress (Sarah Adler) becomes caregiver to a mysterious child.


Movie Reviews

A ship inside a bottle cannot sink...

By Daydream
I had no idea what to expect going in, but came out pleased that I took the time to see this underrated film. Jellyfish is a simple, artistic and lonely foreign film with substance. Each character is...

"Eternally in Despair"

By israeli_art_is_for_real
Beguilingly enigmatic Interweaving the stories of three women Whose experiences feel both surreal and very human As in the review above, a simple and lonely film I have just left the theater, and...

Jellyfish just floats along beautifully

By Wynn_Willow
It is a story without any action. Thoughtful, but not provocative. Lingers but entertains. Subtilted and sublte...


By ballsinmyface
worst movie ive ever seen. waste of precious moments of my life that i will never get back. id rather stick a soda can up my ass. everyone who saw this movie and enjoyed it should probably walk...

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Rated PG | For mature theme