Jeff Who Lives at Home Synopsis
A 30-year-old man-child helps his brother determine whether the latter's wife is an adulteress.
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By suemarie
Maybe I was expecting too much with this cast. I was hoping for a comedy, it was not funny at all. That said it was an OK drama. A slacker, his brother and mother are disfunctional until a crisis...

A Unique Screenplay, Not Formulaic, Surprising And Entertaining...

By Al P
This is a very good example of a typical limited release movie. It won't appeal to the broader audience because it wasn't made for them. This film, like others in its genre, is made to entertain a...

Jeff Who Lives at Home Review

By Selah4Jah
When I saw the trailer I couldn't tell if it was going to be one of those really bizarre movies or if it would be be good. To my surprise, both. Jason Segal and Ed Helms do a great job together in...


By tikrbell716
A couple parts were funny. I love Jason Segel and am willing to watch everything he's in, and he does a great performance, but a little too cosmic for me. Too far-fetched of a story line....

Sneaks up on you!

By srk50
Can't believe how much I enjoyed this movie. It absolutely sneaked up on me and grabbed my heart. So well laid out--builds slowly and surely, and left me in tears. Touching......

Jeff who lives at home

By Mr Film Freak
Caught this on the matinee tip at Bala and it wasn't half bad! A off beat comedy about a stoner name Jeff(Jason Segel) who lives his mother's basement and looks for signs from the universe to...

Jeff who lives at home.

By HClarke
A thoughtful movie told on two levels. One level is for the typical person who knows nothing about mental illness and laughs at the unusual thoughts and actions of Jeff. The other level is for those...

Wait to Netflix it

By michaeldj68
A nice little dysfunctional family story with a cute premise and some funny scenes. Each character is working on problems they need to get past in order to move on to a happier place. Very...

Cute movie!

By ngeldivine
I love Jason Segel, I actually thought this movie was going to be different then what it actually was. It turned out pretty well. I sometimes think that way on that everything is a "sign" and that it...

Save your money.

By reelninja
I really wanted to like this film. I really wanted to care about these characters but they're too surreal and so far removed from any normalcy that they cannot even function inside of this small...

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Rated R | For Language, Some Drug Use and Sexual References
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Common Sense Media says Dramedy mixes adult material with worthwhile messages.
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