Jeff East

Worked With

Year Name Title
1988 Anne Ramsey Another Chance
1988 Bruce Greenwood Another Chance
1988 Olivia D'Abo Another Chance
1988 Paul Winfield Huckleberry Finn
1988 David Wayne Huckleberry Finn
1988 Harvey Korman Huckleberry Finn
1988 George "Buck" Flower Pumpkinhead
1988 Lance Henriksen Pumpkinhead
1986 Rene Enriquez Dream West
1986 Mel Ferrer Dream West
1986 Ben Johnson Dream West
1986 Jonathan Frakes Dream West
1986 F. Murray Abraham Dream West
1986 Claude Akins Dream West
1986 Bill Campbell Dream West
1986 Richard Chamberlain Dream West
1986 James Cromwell Dream West
1986 Fritz Weaver Dream West
1986 Noble Willingham Dream West
1986 Anthony Zerbe Dream West
1986 Rip Torn Dream West
1986 Cameron Mitchell Dream West
1986 Alice Krige Dream West
1986 Buck Taylor Dream West
1986 Jerry Orbach Dream West
1984 James B. Sikking Up the Creek
1984 Tim Matheson Up the Creek
1984 Robert Costanzo Up the Creek
1984 John Hillerman Up the Creek
1983 Amy Madigan The Day After
1983 Georgann Johnson The Day After
1983 Steve Guttenberg The Day After
1983 Jason Robards, Jr. The Day After
1983 JoBeth Williams The Day After
1983 John Lithgow The Day After
1981 Sharon Stone Deadly Blessing
1981 Lois Nettleton Deadly Blessing
1981 Ernest Borgnine Deadly Blessing
1979 Gordon Pinsent Klondike Fever
1979 Barry Morse Klondike Fever
1979 Lorne Greene Klondike Fever
1979 Rod Steiger Klondike Fever
1979 Angie Dickinson Klondike Fever
1979 Murray Matheson Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith
1979 Colleen Dewhurst Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith
1979 Lloyd Bochner Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith
1979 Stephen McHattie Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith
1979 Stephen McHattie Mary and Joseph: In the Beginning There Was Love
1979 Lloyd Bochner Mary and Joseph: In the Beginning There Was Love
1979 Colleen Dewhurst Mary and Joseph: In the Beginning There Was Love
1978 Linda Blair Summer of Fear
1978 Jeremy Slate Summer of Fear
1978 MacDonald Carey Summer of Fear
1978 John Ratzenberger Superman: The Movie
1978 Ned Beatty Superman: The Movie
1978 Christopher Reeve Superman: The Movie
1978 Maria Schell Superman: The Movie
1978 Valerie Perrine Superman: The Movie
1978 Phyllis Thaxter Superman: The Movie
1978 John Stuart Superman: The Movie
1978 Terence Stamp Superman: The Movie
1978 Glenn Ford Superman: The Movie
1978 Margot Kidder Superman: The Movie
1978 Susannah York Superman: The Movie
1978 Gene Hackman Superman: The Movie
1978 Trevor Howard Superman: The Movie
1978 Larry Hagman Superman: The Movie
1978 Harry Andrews Superman: The Movie
1978 Jackie Cooper Superman: The Movie
1978 Marlon Brando Superman: The Movie
1977 Charles Martin Smith The Curious Case of the Campus Corpse
1977 Vic Morrow The Ghost of Cypress Swamp
1977 Noah Beery, Jr. The Ghost of Cypress Swamp
1974 Arthur O'Connell Huckleberry Finn
1974 Gary Merrill Huckleberry Finn
1974 Paul Winfield Huckleberry Finn
1974 Harvey Korman Huckleberry Finn
1974 David Wayne Huckleberry Finn
1973 Celeste Holm Tom Sawyer
1973 Jodie Foster Tom Sawyer
1973 Henry Jones Tom Sawyer
1973 Warren Oates Tom Sawyer
1973 Dub Taylor Tom Sawyer
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