Jeanne Evans

Worked With

Year Name Title
2011 Jennifer Garner Butter
2011 Hugh Jackman Butter
2011 Alicia Silverstone Butter
2011 Pruitt Taylor Vince Butter
1995 Dick O'Neill The Unspoken Truth
1995 Lea Thompson The Unspoken Truth
1991 Dyan Cannon Jailbirds
1984 Irma P. Hall He's Not Your Son
1984 Robert Urich He's Not Your Son
1984 Ken Howard He's Not Your Son
1984 Dorothy Malone He's Not Your Son
1984 Alice Ghostley Not for Publication
1984 Laurence Luckinbill Not for Publication
1984 David Naughton Not for Publication
1984 Nancy Allen Not for Publication
1984 Paul Bartel Not for Publication
1982 Michael O'Keefe Split Image
1982 James Woods Split Image
1982 Peter Fonda Split Image
1982 Karen Allen Split Image
1982 Irma P. Hall Split Image
1982 Brian Dennehy Split Image
1982 Elizabeth Ashley Split Image
1962 Lloyd Bochner The Twilight Zone: To Serve Man
1960 Fritz Weaver The Twilight Zone: Third From the Sun
1960 Edward Andrews The Twilight Zone: Third From the Sun
1956 Kenneth MacDonald The She-Creature
1956 Chester Morris The She-Creature
1956 Jack Mulhall The She-Creature
1956 Tom Conway The She-Creature
1956 Cathy Downs The She-Creature
1956 Edward Earle The She-Creature
1955 Joi Lansing Son of Sinbad
1955 Max Wagner Son of Sinbad
1955 Mari Blanchard Son of Sinbad
1955 Bob Wilke Son of Sinbad
1955 Leon Askin Son of Sinbad
1955 Woody Strode Son of Sinbad
1955 Vincent Price Son of Sinbad
1955 Kim Novak Son of Sinbad
1955 Dale Robertson Son of Sinbad
1955 Gus Schilling Son of Sinbad
1955 Michael Ross Son of Sinbad
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