Jean Kent
Date of Birth
Jun 21, 1921
Birth Place:
London, England

Worked With

Year Name Title
1976 Lee Marvin Shout at the Devil
1976 Murray Melvin Shout at the Devil
1976 Roger Moore Shout at the Devil
1976 George Coulouris Shout at the Devil
1976 Maurice Denham Shout at the Devil
1976 Ian Holm Shout at the Devil
1960 Ian Fleming Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons
1960 George Coulouris Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons
1960 Corinne Calvet Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons
1960 Greta Gynt Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons
1960 George Sanders Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons
1960 Patricia Roc Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons
1960 Lionel Jeffries Please Turn Over
1960 Marianne Stone Please Turn Over
1960 Joan Sims Please Turn Over
1960 Charles Hawtrey Please Turn Over
1960 Victor Maddern Please Turn Over
1959 Geoffrey Keen Web of Evidence
1959 Bernard Lee Web of Evidence
1959 Vera Miles Web of Evidence
1959 Van Johnson Web of Evidence
1959 Ralph Truman Web of Evidence
1959 Emlyn Williams Web of Evidence
1959 Leo McKern Web of Evidence
1958 Boris Karloff The Haunted Strangler
1957 Roland Culver Bonjour Tristesse
1957 Jean Seberg Bonjour Tristesse
1957 Tutte Lemkow Bonjour Tristesse
1957 Martita Hunt Bonjour Tristesse
1957 David Niven Bonjour Tristesse
1957 Deborah Kerr Bonjour Tristesse
1957 Sybil Thorndike The Prince and the Showgirl
1957 Richard Wattis The Prince and the Showgirl
1957 Andrea Malandrinos The Prince and the Showgirl
1957 Marilyn Monroe The Prince and the Showgirl
1957 Esmond Knight The Prince and the Showgirl
1957 Laurence Olivier The Prince and the Showgirl
1956 Frederick Leister Shadow of Fear
1956 Mona Freeman Shadow of Fear
1953 Mark Stevens The Big Frame
1953 John Bentley The Big Frame
1953 Thora Hird The Big Frame
1951 Bill Travers The Browning Version
1951 Wilfrid Hyde-White The Browning Version
1951 Michael Redgrave The Browning Version
1951 Nigel Patrick The Browning Version
1951 Allan Jeayes The Reluctant Widow
1951 Roddy Hughes The Reluctant Widow
1951 Ralph Truman The Reluctant Widow
1951 Johnnie Schofield The Reluctant Widow
1951 Jean Cadell The Reluctant Widow
1951 Peter Bull The Reluctant Widow
1950 Hermione Baddeley The Woman in Question
1950 Ian Fleming The Woman in Question
1950 John McCallum The Woman in Question
1950 Dirk Bogarde The Woman in Question
1949 Christopher Lee The Gay Lady
1949 Michael Medwin The Gay Lady
1949 Sam Kydd The Gay Lady
1949 Hugh Sinclair The Gay Lady
1949 Heather Thatcher The Gay Lady
1949 Ian Carmichael The Gay Lady
1949 Hattie Jacques The Gay Lady
1949 James Donald The Gay Lady
1949 Robert Beatty Quel Bandito Sono Io
1949 Margaret Rutherford Quel Bandito Sono Io
1949 Gordon Harker Quel Bandito Sono Io
1949 Max Adrian Quel Bandito Sono Io
1948 Derek Farr Bond Street
1948 Kathleen Harrison Bond Street
1948 Kenneth Griffith Bond Street
1948 Robert Flemyng Bond Street
1948 Hazel Court Bond Street
1948 Roland Young Bond Street
1948 Michael Hordern Good Time Girl
1948 Bonar Colleano Good Time Girl
1948 Diana Dors Good Time Girl
1948 Jane Hylton Good Time Girl
1948 Flora Robson Good Time Girl
1948 Beatrice Varley Good Time Girl
1948 Peter Glenville Good Time Girl
1948 Herbert Lom Good Time Girl
1948 Edward Lexy Good Time Girl
1948 Dennis Price Good Time Girl
1947 Chips Rafferty The Loves of Joanna Godden
1947 John McCallum The Loves of Joanna Godden
1947 Googie Withers The Loves of Joanna Godden
1947 Marie Lohr The Magic Bow
1947 Eliot Makeham The Magic Bow
1947 Cecil Parker The Magic Bow
1947 Henry Edwards The Magic Bow
1947 Dennis Price The Magic Bow
1947 Stewart Granger The Magic Bow
1947 O.B. Clarence The Magic Bow
1947 Phyllis Calvert The Magic Bow
1947 Anthony Holles The Magic Bow
1947 Felix Aylmer The Magic Bow
1947 Francis L. Sullivan The Man Within
1947 Basil Sydney The Man Within
1947 Torin Thatcher The Man Within
1947 Ralph Truman The Man Within
1947 Ernst Thesiger The Man Within
1947 Maurice Denham The Man Within
1947 Felix Aylmer The Man Within
1947 Allan Jeayes The Man Within
1947 Joan Greenwood The Man Within
1947 Ronald Shiner The Man Within
1947 Richard Attenborough The Man Within
1947 Michael Redgrave The Man Within
1946 John Salew Caravan
1946 Stewart Granger Caravan
1946 Dennis Price Caravan
1946 Hazel Court Carnival
1946 Stanley Holloway Carnival
1946 Anthony Holles Carnival
1946 Bernard Miles Carnival
1946 Cathleen Nesbitt Carnival
1946 Sally Gray Carnival
1945 Patricia Roc Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 Stewart Granger Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 Peter Glenville Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 Eliot Makeham Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 Phyllis Calvert Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 John Stuart Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 Guy Middleton Notorious Gentleman
1945 Marie Lohr Notorious Gentleman
1945 Lilli Palmer Notorious Gentleman
1945 Godfrey Tearle Notorious Gentleman
1945 Sidney Gilliat Notorious Gentleman
1945 Kynaston Reeves Notorious Gentleman
1945 Rex Harrison Notorious Gentleman
1945 John Salew Notorious Gentleman
1945 Bonar Colleano Sleeping Car to Trieste
1945 Andrea Malandrinos Sleeping Car to Trieste
1945 Finlay Currie Sleeping Car to Trieste
1945 David Tomlinson Sleeping Car to Trieste
1945 Derrick de Marney Sleeping Car to Trieste
1945 John Mills Waterloo Road
1945 Alastair Sim Waterloo Road
1945 Ben Williams Waterloo Road
1945 Beatrice Varley Waterloo Road
1945 Stewart Granger Waterloo Road
1945 Johnnie Schofield Waterloo Road
1945 James Mason The Wicked Lady
1945 Felix Aylmer The Wicked Lady
1945 Martita Hunt The Wicked Lady
1945 Margaret Lockwood The Wicked Lady
1945 Beatrice Varley The Wicked Lady
1945 Patricia Roc The Wicked Lady
1945 Michael Rennie The Wicked Lady
1944 Flora Robson 2,000 Women
1944 Janette Scott 2,000 Women
1944 Patricia Roc 2,000 Women
1944 Carl Jaffe 2,000 Women
1944 Phyllis Calvert 2,000 Women
1944 Thora Hird 2,000 Women
1944 Ronald Shiner Bees in Paradise
1944 Beatrice Varley Bees in Paradise
1944 Andrea Malandrinos Champagne Charlie
1944 Guy Middleton Champagne Charlie
1944 Stanley Holloway Champagne Charlie
1944 Hazel Court Champagne Charlie
1944 James Robertson Justice Champagne Charlie
1944 Bill Shine Champagne Charlie
1944 Kay Kendall Champagne Charlie
1944 Phyllis Calvert Man of Evil
1944 James Mason Man of Evil
1944 Cathleen Nesbitt Man of Evil
1944 Wilfred Lawson Man of Evil
1944 Stewart Granger Man of Evil
1944 John Laurie Man of Evil
1944 Rosamund John Soldier, Sailor
1944 Jean Cadell Soldier, Sailor
1943 Greta Gynt It's That Man Again
1943 Ronald Shiner Miss London Ltd.
1943 John Salew Warn That Man
1943 Gordon Harker Warn That Man
1943 Finlay Currie Warn That Man
1943 Anthony Holles Warn That Man
1943 Carl Jaffe Warn That Man
1940 Peter Ustinov Hullo Fame
1939 Moore Marriott The Frozen Limits
1939 Bernard Lee The Frozen Limits
1935 James Finlayson Who's Your Father?
1935 Lupino Lane Who's Your Father?
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