Jayne Mansfields Car

By nandupuy
Written August 29, 2016
Script was disjointed and had no flow. Still not sure bout the theme....disfuntionsal family? Anti war? Made no sense ... Seemed like a platform for Billy Bob to spout nonsensical anti human stuff with the obligatory boob staring at you occasionally. Awful. And so disappointing with such a cast. Seems like they were all doing someone a favor. I ever did figure out what Daddy was trying to figure out.
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Don't listen to the film critics on this one...

By lbelljourdan
Written May 28, 2017
I LOVED this movie. All the complexities of family, human nature, the human heart & the human brain all combined into a real life "Billy Bob Thorton" masterpiece. No wonder Angelina Jolie married the guy.
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