Jayne Houdyshell

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Orlando Bloom Broadway's Romeo and Juliet
2010 Cathy Moriarty The Bounty Hunter
2010 Carol Kane The Bounty Hunter
2010 Jennifer Aniston The Bounty Hunter
2010 Christine Baranski The Bounty Hunter
2010 Diane Keaton Morning Glory
2010 Patti D'Arbanville Morning Glory
2010 Harrison Ford Morning Glory
2010 Jeff Goldblum Morning Glory
2009 Kene Holliday Everybody's Fine
2009 Drew Barrymore Everybody's Fine
2009 Kate Beckinsale Everybody's Fine
2009 Sam Rockwell Everybody's Fine
2009 Melissa Leo Everybody's Fine
2009 Robert De Niro Everybody's Fine
2006 Deborah Kara Unger Things That Hang From Trees
2006 Garry Shandling Trust the Man
2006 Bob Balaban Trust the Man
2006 Eva Mendes Trust the Man
2006 Billy Crudup Trust the Man
2006 David Duchovny Trust the Man
2006 Ellen Barkin Trust the Man
2006 Julianne Moore Trust the Man
2006 Maggie Gyllenhaal Trust the Man
2006 James LeGros Trust the Man
2004 Ron Leibman Garden State
2004 Ian Holm Garden State
2004 Jean Smart Garden State
2004 Peter Sarsgaard Garden State
2004 Natalie Portman Garden State
2002 Ben Affleck Changing Lanes
2002 Dylan Baker Changing Lanes
2002 Sydney Pollack Changing Lanes
2002 Toni Collette Changing Lanes
2002 Amanda Peet Changing Lanes
2002 Samuel L. Jackson Changing Lanes
2002 William Hurt Changing Lanes
2002 Michael Pitt Changing Lanes
2002 Richard Jenkins Changing Lanes
2002 William Atherton Law & Order: Dazzled
2002 Jennifer Lopez Maid in Manhattan
2002 Stanley Tucci Maid in Manhattan
2002 Christopher Eigeman Maid in Manhattan
2002 Bob Hoskins Maid in Manhattan
2002 Natasha Richardson Maid in Manhattan
2002 Ralph Fiennes Maid in Manhattan
1999 Philip Bosco Law & Order: Shield
1999 J.K. Simmons Law & Order: Shield
1997 J.K. Simmons Law & Order: Denial
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