Jayce Bartok

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Billy Crudup The Longest Week
2014 Tony Roberts The Longest Week
2012 Bernadette Peters Coming Up Roses
2012 Melissa Leo Why Stop Now
2011 Parker Posey Price Check
2011 Edward Herrmann Price Check
2010 Kevin Pollak Cop Out
2010 Bruce Willis Cop Out
2010 Jason Lee Cop Out
2007 Talia Balsam The Cake Eaters
2007 Bruce Dern The Cake Eaters
2007 Melissa Leo The Cake Eaters
2007 Elizabeth Ashley The Cake Eaters
2007 Kevin Conway Trainwreck: My Life as an Idiot
2006 Dick Miller Trapped Ashes
2006 Henry Gibson Trapped Ashes
2004 Tovah Feldshuh The Tollbooth
2003 Michelle Williams The Station Agent
2003 Paul Benjamin The Station Agent
2003 Patricia Clarkson The Station Agent
2001 Ben Gazzara Home Sweet Hoboken
2001 Elizabeth Ashley Home Sweet Hoboken
2000 Fred Ward Ropewalk
2000 Max Perlich Ropewalk
2000 Lesley Ann Warren Ropewalk
2000 Michael Nouri Second Honeymoon
2000 Tim Matheson Second Honeymoon
1997 Giovanni Ribisi SubUrbia
1997 Steve Zahn SubUrbia
1997 Parker Posey SubUrbia
1996 Frederic Forrest Andersonville
1993 Frank Whaley Swing Kids
1993 Kenneth Branagh Swing Kids
1993 Barbara Hershey Swing Kids
1993 Christian Bale Swing Kids
1993 Robert Sean Leonard Swing Kids
1992 William Petersen Passed Away
1992 Peter Riegert Passed Away
1992 Pamela Reed Passed Away
1992 Tim Curry Passed Away
1992 Blair Brown Passed Away
1992 Dylan Baker Passed Away
1992 Frances McDormand Passed Away
1992 Maureen Stapleton Passed Away
1992 Nancy Travis Passed Away
1992 Jack Warden Passed Away
1992 Bob Hoskins Passed Away
1992 Peter Donat School Ties
1992 Brendan Fraser School Ties
1992 Matt Damon School Ties
1992 Ben Affleck School Ties
1992 Chris O'Donnell School Ties
1992 Ed Lauter School Ties
1992 Kevin Tighe School Ties
1992 Zeljko Ivanek School Ties
1991 Harry Shearer The Fisher King
1991 Richard LaGravenese The Fisher King
1991 Robin Williams The Fisher King
1991 Tom Waits The Fisher King
1991 Mercedes Ruehl The Fisher King
1991 David Hyde Pierce The Fisher King
1991 Jeff Bridges The Fisher King
1991 Michael Jeter The Fisher King
1991 Amanda Plummer The Fisher King
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