Jaws III Synopsis
A engineer (Dennis Quaid) and a marine biologist (Bess Armstrong) face a mother white shark.
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Forget it

By samgallic
It's SUCKS...

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By pmeade1101
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By seanmcnally17
this movie was sooo fake the shark was like cardboard sorry but i didnt like it....


By seanboom1
The shared looked so fake and bad acting to...

Jaws III review

By Therumrunner5

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By Movie geek 1997
Shark looks fake and plot was dumb I'm a major jaws fan and this movie really stunk...


By wit4401
Shark looked fake and it looked like half of it was a video game...

Had none of the old characters what the crap!?!

By briannamurphy83
WOREST jaws I've ever seen out of them all so like had nine of the old character and really didn't like so 3...

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