Jaws Synopsis
Roy Scheider is a sheriff confronting crowds of sunbathers, self-serving local politicians and - most importantly - a monstrous great white shark over the July Fourth weekend. With Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss.
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The greatest movie of all time...

By senn1234
...was showing at a theater near me for one night only. How could I pass that up! Still scary, still funny, still awesome. What a treat to see this on the big screen for the first time in over thirty...

Jaws Revisited 2012

By ofelix99
Great to see a classic from 1975 on the big screen with a remastered pictured and sound. I saw this when I was 8 and it was nice to bring my 15 year old daughter and 5 year old son for this. They...

You can go back in time!

By justpar
Enjoyed seeing Jaws on the big screen for the first time since it's 1975 debut. I can still remember the day we all rode our bikes to the theatre downtown to see it and the excitement it...

One of my top 3 films.

By wherlingdirvish
Jaws is not about a killer shark. Rather, "[Jaws is] really about a guy who is sort of dealing with his place in the world — his masculinity, with his family, how he’s gonna, you know, make it work...

Wunderkind Speilberg Hits the Big Time

By Best Movies by Farr
John Williams's unforgettable score and Spielberg's clever mounting of suspense recall the best of Hitchcock, and Scheider, Dreyfuss and Shaw make up an unlikely but appealing trio of protagonists....

20 Years Later and JAWS Still Has Bite

By stevepep123
22 years ago JAWS was the first Hollywood blockbuster but doesn't seem dated today. With special effects and wonderfuly suspenseful directing by Steven Spielberg, this movie will creep you so much...

Classic thriller!

By MattAtOrange
One of my favorites of all time. It was released just a couple of months before I was born, so this was the first time I've seen it on the big screen. Its no surprise that this was the very first...

best movie ever

By guitarhero_18
this movie was awesome. and i can not belive i was not scared of it...

must go

By letsgosteelers

JAWS is a Must see

By Dezra
I am 33 and have never seen this film... it has everything... humor, saddness and perfect suspense!!!...

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Common Sense Media says '70s classic horror tale is still scary as ever.
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