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Jason Bourne Synopsis
Globe-trotting spy Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) starts to remember his past.
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Mike B/Lake Worth

By bigtime2619
The last installment of the Jason Bourne Movies was the mostly character driven. Bringing back the writer/director definitely helped bring the previous 3 movies into play. For all fans we finally...

What a disappointment!

By ddog
Car scenes went on way too long and there was no real plot to the film....

Matt Damon, Seriously?

By rocketfuel3535
Even if the movie was better I wouldn't give it any more stars on general principle. Here is an actor who would have a lot more fans if he wasn't such a hypocrite. He goes out of his way to try...

Damon cop out

By hendorich
Worst of the series. Love Matt but this was a total cop out. Worst movie I have seen this year and I see most of them. It had the most unnecessary car chase I can ever remember. Plot meant nothing....

Cyber Bourne Delivered

By mboraz
FABULOUS entertainment! Thanks Mr Damon....

Plot accidently edited out!!!

By Mike 27
Maybe the plot was accidently edited out...Action was good but predictable, the plot (non-existent) was nothing new, literally we found out one fact about Jason's past!!!!!! THAT'S IT, NO JOKE!!!!...

Too fast, too furious, no real story line

Disappointed. I loved the first 2 Jason Bournes, so really made an effort to see this first night. Well...a change in writing style and director caused this movie to be more shaky cam than dialogue,...

By kylebhatiya49
Best Bourne ever...

Jason Bourne

By troygoodwin7292016190
Great. ..Can't wait for the next edition!...

Jason Boring

By md278
Pretty much the same espionage overdone, overused, fake computer overlays with same bad fake jargon so on and so on. Nothing new here. And Jesus how many times did they show that flashback? Are you...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense sequences of violence and action, and brief strong language.
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Common Sense Media says Tense, violent spy action follows franchise formula.
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