By dockling30617
Written March 09, 2011
I had the privilege of receiving a ticket to a pre-show of this film. The movie perfectly portrayed the novel, but in it's own simple way. It was very consuming, in the fact that it made one think of nothing but the plot. The feelings of solitude, anguish, regret, deceit, and desire were all exemplified throughout the film with the choice of music and also the actors' skills. Sexual tension was beautifully portrayed throughout and this added to the suspense that grabs the viewers attention. If one hasn't read the novel, they will also enjoy this film because it is somewhat of a mystery until the very end. This film is perfect for adults (or even perhaps young adults) who can appreciate classic novels and love intricate plots. This is not a film for those who have short attention spans or constantly need action. There are no racy or graphic scenes, and their is no profanity. I left the theater desiring to be as elegant and romantic as the characters in this film...
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By Lovely drama
Written March 12, 2011
I am a huge JANE EYRE fan.I have every adaptation on JANE EYRE that is on DVD. So I was very excited to see this movie. I traveled almost 3 hours one way on the bus. I walk over 35 city blocks one way to the theatre. and I must say. IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. Jane Eyre is a beautiful story that has echoed thru the ages. It show how true love can overcome anything, and can it can touch you where ever you are. It shows that once you have had the real thing. JUST ENOUGH of it will NOT due. GO SEE IT. Even if you have never read the Book.. Then after you go see it. READ THE BOOK. and grab the other adaptions they have out on DVD. I recommend 2007 and 1983 to start with. Michael and Mia were Fantastic as Rochester and Jane. So far I have seen it twice.. once it gets a wider release I plan on seeing it again...
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Based on the trailer...

By LAMovieGirl
Written February 06, 2011
I love Jane Eyre! The wonderful cast and look of the trailer make me really excited to see this adaptation.
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By kstar
Written March 15, 2011
The film captures the truly haunting life of Jane Eyre, heir to all misfortune. It follows Jane's growth in a subtle but powerful way. Beautiful, accurate, fantastic costuming is set against a bleak but perfect background. A must-see for all period drama buffs as well as those who are skeptical. While I enjoy a good, light-hearted romantic period piece, this offers something deeper, and will keep you on the edge of your seat.
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Waste of money!

By the_barnes
Written March 11, 2011
Based on who you are, below are the reasons you should save your money. A. If you are a true fan of the novel: The film did not stay true to the book. The most important events in the book are neglected. It would not be possible to tell you all that was horribly butchered, it would be easier to tell you the handful of events and lines that the film got right. I will tell you never learn anything of Rochester and why he acts the way he does, nothing in his past is explained. B. If you have never read the book: The characters are never developed, you know nothing of the reasons behind actions, you cannot connect with Jane, or anyone in the film for that matter. The story is rushed and missing the basic detail needed to understand the chain of events. You would be much better off renting the BBC miniseries with Timothy Dalton and saving the extra $10 you would have spent on the movie ticket. [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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