James Toback
Date of Birth
Nov 23, 1944
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Monte Hellman A Fuller Life
2013 Samuel Fuller A Fuller Life
2013 William Friedkin A Fuller Life
2013 Wim Wenders A Fuller Life
2013 Perry Lang A Fuller Life
2013 Buck Henry A Fuller Life
2013 Constance Towers A Fuller Life
2013 Joe Dante A Fuller Life
2013 Robert Carradine A Fuller Life
2013 Jennifer Beals A Fuller Life
2013 Tim Roth A Fuller Life
2013 Mark Hamill A Fuller Life
2013 Bill Duke A Fuller Life
2005 Woody Allen The Outsider
2005 Brooke Shields The Outsider
2005 Jim Brown The Outsider
2005 Robert Downey, Jr. The Outsider
2005 Harvey Keitel The Outsider
2005 Norman Mailer The Outsider
2005 Barry Levinson The Outsider
2005 Neve Campbell The Outsider
2005 Robert Towne The Outsider
2005 Brett Ratner The Outsider
2004 Lori Singer When Will I Be Loved
2004 Neve Campbell When Will I Be Loved
2004 Dominic Chianese When Will I Be Loved
2004 Karen Allen When Will I Be Loved
2003 Michael Rapaport Death of a Dynasty
2003 Lorraine Bracco Death of a Dynasty
2003 Peter Sarsgaard Death of a Dynasty
2003 Chloë Sevigny Death of a Dynasty
2002 Fred Williamson Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Oliver Stone Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Stella Stevens Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Jim Brown Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Bernie Casey Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Melvin Van Peebles Jim Brown: All-American
2002 Raquel Welch Jim Brown: All-American
1999 Joe Pantoliano Black and White
1999 Elijah Wood Black and White
1999 Gina Gershon Black and White
1999 Robert Downey, Jr. Black and White
1999 Ron Silver Black and White
1999 Ben Stiller Black and White
1999 Brooke Shields Black and White
1999 Scott Caan Black and White
1991 Joe Mantegna Bugsy
1991 Ben Kingsley Bugsy
1991 Bebe Neuwirth Bugsy
1991 Richard Sarafian Bugsy
1991 Warren Beatty Bugsy
1991 Harvey Keitel Bugsy
1991 Elliott Gould Bugsy
1991 Eric Christmas Bugsy
1991 Andy Romano Bugsy
1991 Annette Bening Bugsy
1990 Caroline Aaron Alice
1990 Judy Davis Alice
1990 Bernadette Peters Alice
1990 Alec Baldwin Alice
1990 William Hurt Alice
1990 Mia Farrow Alice
1990 Blythe Danner Alice
1990 Judith Ivey Alice
1990 Julie Kavner Alice
1990 Cybill Shepherd Alice
1990 Gwen Verdon Alice
1990 David Spielberg Alice
1990 Juliet Taylor Alice
1990 Bob Balaban Alice
1990 Keye Luke Alice
1990 Joe Mantegna Alice
1990 Holland Taylor Alice
1990 Patrick O'Neal Alice
1990 Don Simpson The Big Bang
1987 Vanessa Williams The Pick-Up Artist
1987 Molly Ringwald The Pick-Up Artist
1987 Dennis Hopper The Pick-Up Artist
1987 Robert Towne The Pick-Up Artist
1987 Bob Gunton The Pick-Up Artist
1987 Lorraine Bracco The Pick-Up Artist
1987 Harvey Keitel The Pick-Up Artist
1987 Mildred Dunnock The Pick-Up Artist
1987 Robert Downey, Jr. The Pick-Up Artist
1987 Christine Baranski The Pick-Up Artist
1987 Danny Aiello The Pick-Up Artist
1983 Pierre Clémenti Exposed
1983 Bibi Andersson Exposed
1983 Iman Exposed
1983 Harvey Keitel Exposed
1983 James Russo Exposed
1983 Rudolf Nureyev Exposed
1983 Ian McShane Exposed
1983 Nastassja Kinski Exposed
1978 Danny Aiello Fingers
1978 Jim Brown Fingers
1978 Dominic Chianese Fingers
1978 Harvey Keitel Fingers
1978 Michael Vincente Gazzo Fingers
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