James Hampton
Date of Birth
Jul 09, 1936
Birth Place:
Oklahoma City, OK


Most "baby boomers" first saw actor James Hampton in the whimsically funny role of bugler Hannibal Dobbs on the mid-1960s sitcom F Troop. Even today, memories of Dobson's earnest but hopelessly inept rendition of "Reveille" and his anguished reaction to public revelation of his character's middle name (Shirley) is enough to bring a warm smile to the lips. During the 1970s, Hampton was unofficially "adopted" by old pal Burt Reynolds, appearing in such Reynolds vehicles as The Longest Yard (1974) and Hustle (1975). James Hampton was afforded star billing for his role as the lycanthropic dad of Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf (1985), a part he carried over into the film's TV-cartoon spin-off. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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