James D'Arcy

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Sean Bean Jupiter Ascending
2014 Andy Garcia Let's Be Cops
2012 Hugh Grant Cloud Atlas
2012 Keith David Cloud Atlas
2012 Hugo Weaving Cloud Atlas
2012 Tom Hanks Cloud Atlas
2012 Halle Berry Cloud Atlas
2012 Jim Broadbent Cloud Atlas
2012 Susan Sarandon Cloud Atlas
2012 Anthony Hopkins Hitchcock
2012 Kurtwood Smith Hitchcock
2012 Danny Huston Hitchcock
2012 Toni Collette Hitchcock
2012 Scarlett Johansson Hitchcock
2012 Helen Mirren Hitchcock
2012 Ralph Macchio Hitchcock
2012 Linus Roache The Making of a Lady
2012 Joanna Lumley The Making of a Lady
2011 James Fox W.E.
2010 Sean Bean Age of Heroes
2010 Anthony LaPaglia Overnight
2008 Olivia Williams Flashbacks of a Fool
2008 Jodhi May Flashbacks of a Fool
2008 Daniel Craig Flashbacks of a Fool
2007 Carla Gugino Rise: Blood Hunter
2007 Michael Chiklis Rise: Blood Hunter
2007 Lucy Liu Rise: Blood Hunter
2007 Robert Forster Rise: Blood Hunter
2006 Sissy Spacek An American Haunting
2006 Donald Sutherland An American Haunting
2004 Ben Cross Exorcist: The Beginning
2004 Stellan Skarsgård Exorcist: The Beginning
2003 Gael García Bernal Dot the I
2003 Paul Bettany Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
2003 Russell Crowe Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
2002 Richard E. Grant Case of Evil
2002 Gabrielle Anwar Case of Evil
2002 Vincent D'Onofrio Case of Evil
2002 Terence Stamp Revelation
2002 Ron Moody Revelation
2002 Derek Jacobi Revelation
2002 Udo Kier Revelation
2000 Dominic West Nicholas Nickleby
2000 Charles Dance Nicholas Nickleby
1999 Daniel Craig The Trench
1999 Cillian Murphy The Trench
1997 Samantha Morton Tom Jones
1997 Brian Blessed Tom Jones
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