Jaime Pressly
Date of Birth
Jul 30, 1977
Birth Place:
Kinston, NC


It may surprise fans to learn that former tomboy-turned-sex symbol Jaime Pressly is actually pretty old-fashioned given her numerous provocative film roles and a revealing layout in Playboy magazine. It's no secret that Pressly shudders at the idea of going in front of the cameras for a love scene, and even considers onscreen kissing a little too intimate for comfort. Born in Kinston, NC, in July of 1977, young Pressly studied dance and gymnastics for 11 years before taking a turn as a model in the U.S., Italy, and Japan. Following an appearance on the cover of Teen magazine, Pressly began to gain momentum in the modeling world, and it seemed inevitable that she would soon make the leap to celluloid. Legally emancipated from her parents at the age of 15, Pressly made her feature debut as a teenage seductress in Poison Ivy: The New Seduction (she was offered the role after appearing as Drew Barrymore's body double in the original Poison Ivy [1992]), and went on to appear in such features as Can't Hardly Wait, Ringmaster (both 1998), and Poor White Trash (2000). On the small screen, Pressly made a big impression as a promiscuous dancer in the series Jack and Jill, and has made appearances on Hollywood Squares. In 1998, Pressly was married to Brodie Mitchell, resulting in a collective sigh of disappointment among her legions of male admirers, who have constructed countless Internet shrines to the toothsome actress. Increasingly in demand into the new millennium, Pressly appeared in such features as Tomcats, Joe Dirt, and Not Another Teen Movie (all 2001), as well as becoming the spokeswoman for Liz Claiborne's Lucky You fragrance. The actress would receive her widest exposure -- and critical acclaim to boot -- for her supporting role on the breakout hit TV series My Name Is Earl, in 2005. An Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series would follow, in July of 2006. Pressly lent her voice to Horton Hears a Who in 2008, and took a supporting role in the 2009 buddy comedy I Love You, Man. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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