Jack Warner
Date of Birth
Oct 24, 1894

Worked With

Year Name Title
1979 David Tomlinson Dominique Is Dead
1979 Simon Ward Dominique Is Dead
1979 Cliff Robertson Dominique Is Dead
1979 Jean Simmons Dominique Is Dead
1979 Jenny Agutter Dominique Is Dead
1979 Ron Moody Dominique Is Dead
1979 Flora Robson Dominique Is Dead
1961 John Le Mesurier Jigsaw
1961 John Horsley Jigsaw
1961 Marianne Stone Jigsaw
1961 Brian Oulton Jigsaw
1958 Paul Scofield Carve Her Name With Pride
1958 Billie Whitelaw Carve Her Name With Pride
1958 Maurice Ronet Carve Her Name With Pride
1958 Michael Caine Carve Her Name With Pride
1958 Virginia McKenna Carve Her Name With Pride
1956 Bernard Fox Home and Away
1956 Sam Kydd Home and Away
1956 Thora Hird Home and Away
1956 Kathleen Harrison Home and Away
1956 David Kossoff Now and Forever
1956 Pamela Brown Now and Forever
1956 Bryan Forbes Now and Forever
1956 Michael Pertwee Now and Forever
1956 Janette Scott Now and Forever
1956 Wilfred Lawson Now and Forever
1956 Guy Middleton Now and Forever
1955 Robert Beatty Break to Freedom
1955 William Sylvester Break to Freedom
1955 Herbert Lom The Ladykillers
1955 Frankie Howerd The Ladykillers
1955 Cecil Parker The Ladykillers
1955 Peter Sellers The Ladykillers
1955 Sam Kydd The Ladykillers
1955 Alec Guinness The Ladykillers
1955 Gordon Jackson The Quatermass Xperiment
1955 Thora Hird The Quatermass Xperiment
1955 Lionel Jeffries The Quatermass Xperiment
1955 Jane Asher The Quatermass Xperiment
1955 Sam Kydd The Quatermass Xperiment
1955 Marianne Stone The Quatermass Xperiment
1955 Brian Donlevy The Quatermass Xperiment
1954 Michael Medwin Bang! You're Dead
1954 Derek Farr Bang! You're Dead
1954 Gordon Harker Bang! You're Dead
1954 Philip Saville Bang! You're Dead
1954 Beatrice Varley Bang! You're Dead
1954 Joyce Grenfell Forbidden Cargo
1954 Greta Gynt Forbidden Cargo
1954 Eric Pohlmann Forbidden Cargo
1954 Michael Hordern Forbidden Cargo
1954 Theodore Bikel Forbidden Cargo
1954 Nigel Patrick Forbidden Cargo
1953 William Sylvester Albert, R.N.
1953 Robert Beatty Albert, R.N.
1953 Guy Middleton Albert, R.N.
1953 Anton Diffring Albert, R.N.
1953 Eddie Byrne Albert, R.N.
1953 Richard Wattis The Final Test
1953 Robert Morley The Final Test
1953 Valentine Dyall The Final Test
1953 Joan Sims The Square Ring
1953 Bill Travers The Square Ring
1953 Ben Williams The Square Ring
1953 Robert Beatty The Square Ring
1953 Kay Kendall The Square Ring
1953 Eddie Byrne The Square Ring
1953 George Rose The Square Ring
1952 Eric Pohlmann Hundred Hour Hunt
1952 Thora Hird Hundred Hour Hunt
1952 Anthony Newley Those People Next Door
1952 Bill Fraser Tonight at 8:30
1952 Nigel Patrick Tonight at 8:30
1952 Jesse Royce Landis Tonight at 8:30
1952 Stanley Holloway Tonight at 8:30
1952 Valerie Hobson Tonight at 8:30
1952 Martita Hunt Tonight at 8:30
1952 Nadia Gray Valley of Eagles
1952 Christopher Lee Valley of Eagles
1952 Noel Purcell You Can't Beat the Irish
1952 Bill Shine You Can't Beat the Irish
1952 Niall MacGinnis You Can't Beat the Irish
1952 Milo O'Shea You Can't Beat the Irish
1951 Eliot Makeham A Christmas Carol
1951 Patrick Macnee A Christmas Carol
1951 Mervyn Johns A Christmas Carol
1951 Alastair Sim A Christmas Carol
1951 Ernst Thesiger A Christmas Carol
1951 Peter Bull A Christmas Carol
1951 Miles Malleson A Christmas Carol
1951 Roddy Hughes A Christmas Carol
1951 Kathleen Harrison A Christmas Carol
1951 Hattie Jacques A Christmas Carol
1951 Hermione Baddeley A Christmas Carol
1951 Michael Hordern A Christmas Carol
1951 George Cole A Christmas Carol
1951 Noel Purcell Talk of a Million
1951 Christopher Lee Valley of the Eagles
1951 Nadia Gray Valley of the Eagles
1951 John McCallum Valley of the Eagles
1949 Dirk Bogarde The Blue Lamp
1949 Bernard Lee The Blue Lamp
1949 Glynis Johns The Blue Lamp
1949 Robert Flemyng The Blue Lamp
1949 Bruce Seton The Blue Lamp
1949 Dirk Bogarde Boys in Brown
1949 Thora Hird Boys in Brown
1949 Michael Medwin Boys in Brown
1949 Richard Attenborough Boys in Brown
1949 Petula Clark The Huggetts Abroad
1949 Brian Oulton The Huggetts Abroad
1949 Kathleen Harrison The Huggetts Abroad
1949 Beatrice Varley My Brother's Keeper
1949 George Cole My Brother's Keeper
1949 Maurice Denham My Brother's Keeper
1949 David Tomlinson My Brother's Keeper
1949 Valentine Dyall My Brother's Keeper
1949 Jane Hylton My Brother's Keeper
1949 Ben Williams My Brother's Keeper
1949 Christopher Lee My Brother's Keeper
1949 Wilfrid Hyde-White My Brother's Keeper
1949 Reginald Beckwith My Brother's Keeper
1949 Michael Hordern Train of Events
1949 Johnnie Schofield Train of Events
1949 Valerie Hobson Train of Events
1949 Miles Malleson Train of Events
1949 Laurence Naismith Train of Events
1949 Percy Walsh Train of Events
1949 John Gregson Train of Events
1949 Peter Finch Train of Events
1948 Simone Signoret Against the Wind
1948 Andre Morell Against the Wind
1948 James Robertson Justice Against the Wind
1948 Robert Beatty Against the Wind
1948 Gordon Jackson Against the Wind
1948 Petula Clark Easy Money
1948 Greta Gynt Easy Money
1948 Mervyn Johns Easy Money
1948 Gordon McLeod Easy Money
1948 Dennis Price Easy Money
1948 David Tomlinson Easy Money
1948 Maurice Denham Easy Money
1948 David Tomlinson Here Come the Huggetts
1948 Diana Dors Here Come the Huggetts
1948 Kathleen Harrison Here Come the Huggetts
1948 Jane Hylton Here Come the Huggetts
1948 Petula Clark Here Come the Huggetts
1948 Maurice Denham Here Come the Huggetts
1948 David Tomlinson Vote for Huggett
1948 Anthony Newley Vote for Huggett
1948 Kathleen Harrison Vote for Huggett
1948 Petula Clark Vote for Huggett
1948 Eliot Makeham Vote for Huggett
1948 Diana Dors Vote for Huggett
1947 Michael Redgrave The Captive Heart
1947 Basil Radford The Captive Heart
1947 Sam Kydd The Captive Heart
1947 Frederick Leister The Captive Heart
1947 Mervyn Johns The Captive Heart
1947 Gordon Jackson The Captive Heart
1947 Guy Middleton The Captive Heart
1947 Greta Gynt Dear Murderer
1947 Jane Hylton Dear Murderer
1947 Hazel Court Dear Murderer
1947 Dennis Price Dear Murderer
1947 Eric Portman Dear Murderer
1947 Jane Hylton Holiday Camp
1947 Hazel Court Holiday Camp
1947 Kathleen Harrison Holiday Camp
1947 Beatrice Varley Holiday Camp
1947 Dennis Price Holiday Camp
1947 Maurice Denham Holiday Camp
1947 Diana Dors Holiday Camp
1947 Esmond Knight Holiday Camp
1947 Flora Robson Holiday Camp
1947 Patricia Roc Holiday Camp
1947 Alastair Sim Hue and Cry
1947 Jane Hylton It Always Rains on Sunday
1947 Googie Withers It Always Rains on Sunday
1947 Hermione Baddeley It Always Rains on Sunday
1947 John Salew It Always Rains on Sunday
1947 John McCallum It Always Rains on Sunday
1943 Barry Morse The Dummy Talks
1919 Ben Lyon Open Your Eyes
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