• Released
  • October 13, 2011
  • (Additional screening: 10/27)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 45 min
  • Concert/Special Events


By navyflyertim
Written October 28, 2011
The film started 1 hour and 10 minutes late as we were tortured almost to death by the preliminary feature BUTTERFINGER THE 13th! This is truly THE WORST FILM EVER MADE, even worse than GIGLI and ISHTAR. Between the two features we were shown the same 2 minute commercial 8 times.Then, when JACK THE RIPPER finally started 70 minutes late, the picture died after 30 minutes. WHY GO TO A THEATER AND LISTEN? It's hard to evaluate the quality of a film YOU CAN'T SEE!One of the finest examples of an Entertainment Disaster I've ever experienced. Poorly organized, badly managed, executed by idiots, and staged to torture the patron.Sadly, they forgot to provide any entertainment for $29 for 2 people. WHAT A HUGE RIP OFF!!!!!!My first and LAST experience with Fandango.
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Jack the Ripper

By banmir1
Written October 28, 2011
This was a disappointment. I wasn't expecting something that I could see on the History channel. I will think twice before doing that again!! I was not happy with the experience and actually started falling asleep in the theater. Our first clue should have been that we were the only ones in the theater!!!!
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Cute-Butter Finger/ NO to Jack

By bill and james
Written October 23, 2011
Butter Finger was cute! The Jack the ripper film was hard to follow, boring at times due to the repetition of information and bad acting.
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By LeoGirl820
Written October 28, 2011
I could have watched this on the History Channel. The docudrama followed Butterfinger the 13th, which was way too long and boring. When Jack the Ripper finally began, I was too tired to stay interested.
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Mildly Entertaining and Way Overpriced

By NathanB
Written October 28, 2011
Pure and simple Butterfinger the 13th was horrible. While it was an interesting concept interspersing live action with comic book like storyboard scenes the flat scripting and horrendous acting could not save this mess of a movie. Jack the Ripper also suffered from bad acting and several scenes and dialog were repeated multiple times making it feel as though the writers were trying to fill up the time. The CGI recreations of the streets of 1880's London were amateur at best looked like they had been pulled out of a bad videogame from the early 1990's. The "actors" in this film were absolutely horrid and gave the film almost a mocking tone. Very little new information was provided by this supposed tell-all and the film seemed to have little momentum.
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