• Released
  • October 13, 2011
  • (Additional screening: 10/27)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 45 min
  • Concert/Special Events
Jack the Ripper and Butterfinger the 13th Synopsis
A featurette precedes a screening of "Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story."

Movie Reviews


By navyflyertim
The film started 1 hour and 10 minutes late as we were tortured almost to death by the preliminary feature BUTTERFINGER THE 13th! This is truly THE WORST FILM EVER MADE, even worse than GIGLI and...

Jack the Ripper

By banmir1
This was a disappointment. I wasn't expecting something that I could see on the History channel. I will think twice before doing that again!! I was not happy with the experience and actually...

Cute-Butter Finger/ NO to Jack

By bill and james
Butter Finger was cute! The Jack the ripper film was hard to follow, boring at times due to the repetition of information and bad acting....


By LeoGirl820
I could have watched this on the History Channel. The docudrama followed Butterfinger the 13th, which was way too long and boring. When Jack the Ripper finally began, I was too tired to stay...

Mildly Entertaining and Way Overpriced

By NathanB
Pure and simple Butterfinger the 13th was horrible. While it was an interesting concept interspersing live action with comic book like storyboard scenes the flat scripting and horrendous acting...

Jack the Ripper and Butterfinger the 13th

By lemoni0222
I loved the Jack the Ripper it was so informative and interesting. I liked the fact that they made a replica of how the area looked in 1888 to give you a better idea of how Jack the Ripper carried...

Butterfinger 13th

By jwbsmile
Saw it last night. Was very different. Was scary and funny. Unique story line with the Butterfingers. I liked it....

Thriller Thursday

By Movie Queen 51
A very interesting look at howe the legend of Jack the Ripper....

What just happened?

By Everdark
1) Butterfinger the 13th, the horror spoof, actually starts before the advertised start time. 2) Ripper must have had a very low budget, as there are lots of visual inconsistencies. 3) If you see...


By Aquarius212
More like a documentary than a movie...

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Rated PG-13