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Better Than Expected...Very Entertaining.

By Al P
Written January 25, 2015
There seem to be quite a few of the old fairy tales being told in real-life action films these days and not all are as well made or entertaining as this one. In fact, a few recently have been big failures with audiences but I wouldn't wager against this film. A fair indicator of this film’s promise of popularity occurs when you sit in an ordinary audience at a local cine-plex and when the movie comes to an end, people clap as if they'd just seen a live show. That says more than I could write. See this movie. It's worth the ticket price. You won't be disappointed.
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Giant Fun

By SatyrEntertainer
Written July 27, 2016
My brother and I are both in our 40's, yet when we watched this movie we were like two big kids! A truly well done adventure. Honestly, we're hoping to catch it again!
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Jack the Great!!!!

By m_mickles
Written May 29, 2017
Great movie! A little bit of everything in this one. I will be purchasing this for my home collection. Highly recommend for all to go and see.
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Jack's Had Enough

By Swash9
Written September 26, 2016
Cute movie. When I found out Bill Nighy (Viktor from Underworld, Davy Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean) played the king of the giants my mind was blown; he's always seemed to fit the role of the "big bad" monster very well. That being said, the giants were very cool. And I think it was interesting how Jack improvised to kill them; since he's a farm boy obviously he wouldn't know how to fight very well, so he uses what he's given. Was a bit annoyed that so much of the focus was given to Isabelle, though. But the time given to each character felt fulfilling and made sense. The story flowed well, and didn't take itself too seriously. If you like fantasy and classic kid's tales with a twist, this one's worth seeing once or twice :)
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entertaining boring and predictable...

By nngg
Written August 28, 2016
overall this movie is so-so. Yes it's entertaining and does become better than the first 30 minutes which were boring. The cgi was sort of cool but nothing we haven't seen in the past gazillion movies which have come out recently. The story however, was just so predictable, stupid, and basically everything about the story and plot fell flat. The acting was ridiculous too. So there is this ordinary guy who tries to help a princess in disguise, and has beans he bought and then they turn into a beanstalk, up to a land of giants. And the giants and the crown, and the fact that the king actually tried to cut the beanstalk while his daughter was still up was just strange. You really dont feel any connection or care to the characters at all and there was no development or audience connection. The actors were poorly chosen and the princess was just annoying. The giants reminded me of ripoffs of ogres from the hobbit. Yes there is a battle scene and it's semi entertaining but nothing great.
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